Five Tips to keep your InvisaBlend Hair Healthy and Beautiful

Five Tips to keep your InvisaBlend Hair Healthy and Beautiful


Five Tips to keep your InvisaBlend Hair Healthy and Beautiful
The same vital steps for your own hair also

Parallel Principle – Everything that is best for all your own hair is also best when you have InvisaBlend too. Therefore there is no difference in everything you do with all your own hair or with having InvisaBlend.
Best Brush or comb to use – The wider teeth of a brush or comb the better. No balls or stubs within the teeth of the brush or comb.  The wider the teeth of a brush or comb the less tension on your hair, therefore the smoother the brushing or combing with any tension while brushing or combing.  For detailed instruction on the best brushing or combing methods contact us at
How to Brush or comb – No matter what length your hair is—Brush always from the bottom up or skimming through the hair first without brushing deep first, and then as you are brushing upwards and deeper from the bottom up continue until you reach the scalp, and then brush from the scalp through all the hair. Never pulling or feeling any tension while any brushing or combing.  Be mindful of this always to avail any breakage or split-ends.  Contact us for the make & model of the best brush in the world at
Lubricate and moisturize – Hair needs moisture just like your skin. Using a leave-in condition is best because moisture stays on the hair.  When a leave-on conditioner makes your skin moist without being oily and goes away by seeping into your skin then it will do the same with your hair—meaning moisturize your hair by going into your hair shafts.   Contact us for product recommendation at
Shampooing and conditioning – Shampoos and conditioners should not have Sulfates or salts known as Sodium Chloride, which most products have. Hair should first be brush thoroughly and properly, and then shampoo and conditioner must be applied by just spreading these through instead of scribing.  Shampoo does the cleaning without scribing.  Scribing causes a negative effect.  Conditioners just make your hair feel silky, therefore easy to run your fingers through wet or dry.   Direction on some of the best shampoos and or condition along with detained instructions can be obtained at

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Five Tips to keep your InvisaBlend Hair Healthy and

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