Hair Hangover

Hair Hangover


What is a Hair Hangover?
It has nothing to do with alcohol, although it is an unbalanced way of wearing your hair.
In the world of adding additional hair most methods of adding hair, like wearing a hair system does exactly this – a Hair Hangover. When a woman is experiencing thinning hair and wears a hair system or a hair unit, which is very common when hair extensions aren’t enough, unfortunately all hair systems worldwide apply a hair system but create a Hair Hangover during the process.
How and Why??? Hair systems or hair units either have to cover or remove your hair to add the hair system. Due to this fact it’s best to either cover or remove the smallest portion of a women’s hair so the hair system is fitted in the top area only even though most women’s thinning hair occurs throughout the top, sides and a portion of the back too.
So what happens? The hair from the hair unit hangs over (a Hair Hang-over) from the top into the sides and back areas creating a ‪#‎Hair-Hangover.
This is OK by just looking in the mirror but it totally restricts a woman’s daily everyday life because a women cannot have freedom do anything with her hair, in fact she has to be very careful during her daily life what she does so the thin areas in the sides and back do not show.
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I will post more about this because there is much more to say about a Hair Hangover that the world is just not informed about.
By Dino Dondiego                                                                                                   The Hair Expert.
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