How can this not be an actual real growing hairline???

How can this not be an actual real growing hairline???


Take a real close look at this hairline.  How can this not be an actual growing hairline???  The fact is that none of these hairs are actually this person’s own hairs.  What kind of advanced technology can duplicate such a purely natural hairline?
Well, there is a new and highly advanced technology that has been created that will change and make all other techniques in the world of increasing hair volume obsolete!  Introducing the breakthrough ingredient that makes this all possible, Hair-threads called Translucent Blending-Strands.
What are these Hair-threads and how can they create the duplication of a real growing hairline?  Hair-threads are ultra-fine filaments that duplicate the finest human hairs in the world.
How do these Hair-threads duplicate real high quality human hairs?   These Hair-threads replicate the same diameter of the finest human hairs, so they bend, move and have the same flexibility as the best human hairs, but these Hair-threads are not used to replace human hairs.  Instead these Hair-threads are used to plant single real human hairs, one at a time, either in-between thinning hairs or directly into a bald area.
The ultimate and finest way to add real hair would be to add hairs onto something as fine as human hairs, and that is what is performed here within this picture above.
Single human hairs, one real hair a time is feed onto these Hair-threads, called Translucent Blending-Strands.  These Hair-threads are also transparent upon contact of the scalp so you then see nothing but single human hairs appearing to be actually growing directly out of the scalp, even in the very front hairline which is the most critical area.
A picture says a thousand words but an actual demonstration is solid 100% proof of reality.   That is why trail demos are available as real proof.   For availability of this actual proof call 800-992-9976 or email    Also see additional details on the website
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How can this not be an actual real growing hairline???

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