1-Year-Old Boy Has the Sweetest Reaction to Meeting a Woman Missing the Same Limb as Him + MORE

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Exotic Dancer Left with a Sagging Butt After Removing Life-Threatening Silicone Injections

– www.health.com

Ten years after getting dangerous butt injections, Tomi Conte is still dealing with the consequences.

The exotic dancer decided at 23 to get injections after feeling insecure about the size of her butt.

“I started dancing when I was in high school. I would say I was about 23 when I noticed that all of the other dancers — they all had big butts, and they were making a lot more money than me,” Conte, now 33, says in this exclusive clip from Botched.

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After seeing a friend’s results, Conte met with a woman for illegal injections.

“My girlfriend was getting silicone injections in her butt by this lady that would fly in from Florida,” she explains. “She was a retired nurse. We met at a nice hotel. I laid down on the bed. She pulled out a huge needle and she had like, red kegger cups that she was filling up with stuff, and I asked her what it was, and she said, like, silicone, but I didn’t ask enough questions.”

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At first, the injections worked for Conte.

“At that point in my life, I was living so crazy that I thought I was invincible,” she says. “The shots hurt, but I was really happy with what I saw. The bigger my butt got, the bigger my tips got.”

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But over time they became life-threatening, and Conte had to get them removed. But that led to more problems.

“I had silicone removed from my butt to save my life, and now you can see my butt from the front,” she says.

Conte is hopeful that Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow can fix up the sagging skin on her butt, but for now, she’s stuck layering on clothing for a lift.

“When I work out, I put on a girdle that pulls up all the skin from the front,” she says. “Then I put on padded panties and that fills up all the dents I have on the side. Over all of that, I put on compression shorts so that I tuck in any scars that I have, and then I put my regular shorts on over that. That’s like four or five layers that I’m wearing every day.”

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1-Year-Old Boy Has the Sweetest Reaction to Meeting a Woman Missing the Same Limb as Him

– www.health.com

A young boy born with a congenital condition had an adorable reaction when he was introduced to a woman who shares the same limb difference as him.

On the same day that Colleen Tidd found out that her son, Joseph, would be born without a fully formed left arm, she stumbled upon the Florida chapter of the Lucky Fin Project, a support network made up of people with a variety of limb differences. Ever since then, the organization’s community has been a source of help for Colleen and her husband as they raise now 15-month-old Joseph, along with their two older daughters.

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“I found their website and Facebook page and it just brought this sense of comfort,” Tidd, 28, tells PEOPLE. “I realized, ‘Hey, I have a community here.’ “

As Tidd formed friendships with the local members of the group, she soon discovered that many of them had never met in person, so she organized an October meet-up near her home in Orlando that was attended by nearly a dozen families.

“It was just a great sense of comfort, not only for Joseph but for us as a family, to see everyone else in person,” Tidd says of the gathering. “And we wanted to show Joseph that, hey, he will be able to do anything.”

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Colleen and Joseph Tidd/Colleen Tidd

During the meet-up, Colleen and Joseph met 34-year-old Amy Alamillo Siesel, who was also born with an underdeveloped right arm.

“I was bullied quite a bit and constantly inundated with questions about my arm,” Siesel, from Seminole, Florida, tells PEOPLE. “I struggled with insecurity. As I became an adult, however, I gained a newfound confidence in who I felt God made me to be. I began to embrace my limb difference and love the lessons it taught me, hard as some of them were.”

It was at the gathering that day that Siesel and Joseph’s paths crossed for the first time — and in a touching video of their introduction, Amy is seen reaching out to Joseph to give him a “fist-bump,” before the young boy lunges toward to give her a big hug instead after he noticed their similarities.

“He wasn’t feeling well that day and he didn’t want anyone to touch them the whole time, until he fist-bumped with Amy and realized like, ‘Wow, she looks like me,’ ” Tidd recalls. “This meetup was originally more for me than it was for him since he’s so young, but for him to have realized that he has someone that’s like him — it just hit. It was comforting.”

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The Tidd Family/Colleen Tidd

Siesel — who is also mom to a 3-year-old son — was all smiles as Joseph laid his head on her shoulder and quickly became comfortable with his new friend…

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Exotic Dancer Left with a Sagging Butt After Removing Life-Threatening Silicone Injectionswww.health.com
1-Year-Old Boy Has the Sweetest Reaction to Meeting a Woman Missing the Same Limb as Himwww.health.com

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