How This One Workout Led to a 17-Year-Old’s Diagnosis With a Deadly Illness + MORE

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Woman Committed Suicide 4 Years After Doctor Allegedly Removed Her Ovaries Without Her Consent


A U.K. surgeon is under investigation after he allegedly removed a woman’s ovaries without her consent. The woman committed suicide four years later.

Lucinda Methuen-Campbell, then 54, went to the private Spire Hospital in Bristol, England in 2014 for surgery to repair a bowel disorder. The surgeon, Anthony Dixon, allegedly decided to take out her ovaries during the procedure because they were “in the way,” reports BBC News.

Methuen-Campbell told BBC News before her death that Dixon never mentioned anything about removing her ovaries before the surgery, but if he had, she at least would have been “vaguely prepared.”

“He said he thought he’d done me a favor. And he said, ‘I thought you know, a woman of your age wouldn’t really need her ovaries,’ ” Methuen-Campbell previously said. “I said ‘Why did you remove them?’ and he just said ‘They were in the way.’ ”

She added that while she was in pain from the bowel disorder before the surgery, what came after was much worse — both from the removal of her ovaries and from what she believes to be a botched surgery.

“My life is absolutely ruined but you know, I can’t say that it’s Mr. Dixon [that’s] ruined my life,” she said.

Four years later, in January 2018, Methuen-Campbell committed suicide. The assistant coroner, Aled Gruffydd, believes that the pain she was in following the surgery led to her decision to take her life.

“The operation on Mrs. Methuen-Campbell was unsuccessful and made her pain worse and it affected her mental health,” he wrote in his report, according to BBC News. “I’m satisfied without doubt that she intended to take her own life. The pain she was in led to her taking her own life.”

Her son Angus, 19, also believes that the surgery led to her suicide.

“She was in a great deal of pain after the operations and she was very upset that her ovaries had been removed,” Angus said.

Methuen-Campbell’s partner, Philip Chatfield, added that she also underwent a follow-up operation that “made things even worse.”

“The pain continued to get worse and nobody seemed able to solve the problem,” he said.

Dixon is now suspended from two hospitals in Bristol, and under investigation by the U.K.’s National Health Service for his surgery methods, according to BBC News. In a statement to PEOPLE, Spire Hospital confirmed that he is restricted from working.

“We were shocked and deeply saddened by Lucinda Methuen-Campbell’s death and offer our sincere condolences to her family at this extremely difficult time,” they said. “Mr. Dixon is currently suspended from practicing in our hospitals, and we have been fully supporting and cooperating with North Bristol NHS Trust while it conducts its investigation into his practice. Due to these on-going investigations, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage…

How This One Workout Led to a 17-Year-Old’s Diagnosis With a Deadly Illness


One teenager in Houston, Texas, said a weightlifting session gone wrong led to his hospitalization. Last Thursday, 17-year-old Jared Shamburger talked to ABC affiliate KTRK about how he felt “super duper sore” after a 90-minute strength-training workout at the gym.

“Everything hurt,” he said. “It hurt to the touch. It was swollen.”

After a call to his doctor, Shamburger was hospitalized for five days with rhabdomyolysis, or rhabdo, a condition in which muscle tissue breaks down so severely that the contents of the muscle fibers leak into the bloodstream and cause a kidney blockage. Unchecked, it can lead to kidney damage and even death.

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While Shamburger is expected to make a full recovery, this alarming condition is something we’ve seen before. In January 2017, a University of Oregon football player was also hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis after enduring a tough “military” style workout. Vijay Jotwani, MD, a primary sports medicine physician at Houston Methodist, explained how rhabdomyolysis happens.

“It’s a product of pushing well past your limits,” he told Health in a previous interview. “You’re working hard, feeling the burn and go that next step—and another step, pushing far past the point of pain. Later you have extreme muscle pain and swelling—much worse than delayed muscle soreness. You may also have dark colored urine. That’s because the [protein] myoglobin from your muscles has flooded in your bloodstream and your kidneys are overwhelmed.”

Rhabdomyolysis is not a common diagnosis, but it is known to affect those who do grueling workouts, such as the kind army recruits or CrossFit devotees take part in. If you push yourself hard during intense workouts, be aware of the symptoms and how you can avoid rhabdomyolysis. Part of rhabdo-related kidney damage is caused by dehydration, so staying hydrated is crucial. And if you develop severe muscle pain, swelling, stiffness and/or dark colored urine, go to the hospital.

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Shamburger’s mother Judy said the “mama bear” in her kicked in when her son explained his condition. "If he hadn't caught it, if he hadn't told me, if we had just gone out of town about our way, I can't even imagine,” she told KTRK. “And I don't want to, about what could have happened."

Teen Whose Father Ran Over His Leg with Lawn Mower Thriving 14 Years After Accident


On a sunny April afternoon in 2004, Brett Bainter came home from work around 3:30 p.m. and found his almost-4-year-old, Jake, riding his green bike in circles in the family’s driveway.

Jake’s babysitter was still there and it was a nice day, so Brett decided to mow the lawn. Brett reached a dead-end at the side of the house, but when he reversed the mower to turn around, he felt a bump. He didn’t know that Jake had gotten off his bike and followed him.

Brett accidentally ran over his son’s leg. Now, 14 years later, Jake is thriving — and his family is reflecting on the split second that changed their lives.

The aftermath

“That haunts me still. I looked down and his upper torso was coming out of the mower deck,” Brett, now 51, tells PEOPLE. “I lifted the mower off of him and I scooped him up and I had him in my arms. I was screaming more than he was. But he was screaming a lot.”

Jake was hospitalized for 28 days immediately following the accident. Over the next four years, he underwent 15 surgeries to try to save his leg.

Then, at age 9, Jake decided — and proudly announced to his classmates — that he was going to become an amputee. But the morning of his amputation, February 19, 2008, his parents were still on the fence about whether they were making the right choice. They asked God to send them a sign.

And they got one: Driving to the hospital, Jake spotted a biker on the side of the road with a prosthetic leg. Brett quickly made a U-turn and the family stopped to talk with Bill Hansbury. Then 71, Hansbury had lost his leg to a MRSA infection only the year before, after a lifetime of athleticism.

“I knelt down and talked to Jake,” Hansbury, who was on a 30-mile bike ride that fateful day, tells PEOPLE. “I told him, ‘If I can do it, you can. You’re seven and I’m 10 times older than you. If I can do it, boy, you can fly.’ ”

Hansbury visited Jake in the hospital, and helped coach his parents through his recovery. “He was like another dad,” Jodi Bainter tells PEOPLE now. “We love him. He’s family.”

Making connections

The years that followed brought many other changes.

Jodi began using a blog to document Jake’s journey, and in 2012 self-published a book called Make it Morning. As a result, she became a frequent resource for other parents whose children were injured in lawn mower accidents.

“I was tired of talking to these families after their kids were already amputees,” Jodi says.

So in August 2015, she started a foundation called Limbs Matter, which aims to encourage parents to keep their children indoors while they mow the lawn.

“That’s an important message for parents of young children,” says Gary Smith, director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

One child is admitted to the emergency room every hour for lawn mower-related accidents in the U…

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Woman Committed Suicide 4 Years After Doctor Allegedly Removed Her Ovaries Without Her
How This One Workout Led to a 17-Year-Old’s Diagnosis With a Deadly
Teen Whose Father Ran Over His Leg with Lawn Mower Thriving 14 Years After

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