I Tried a Lash Lift—and It Gave Me The Lashes of My Dreams + MORE

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I Tried a Lash Lift—and It Gave Me The Lashes of My Dreams

– health.com

Is lash envy a thing? Because I definitely have it. The same way some people might lust over another woman's hair or plump lips, I can't help but stare at a full, fluttery pair of lashes. I wasn't born with Disney princess eyelashes—you know what I'm talking about, from Ariel to Jasmine, they all peek through perfectly framed lids—and I've never been happy with how my lashes looked, especially without mascara. But then I finally came across the perfect solution for long, dark lashes that I feel confident in every day—even without makeup.

I wasn't the type to seek eyelash extensions out. The thought of getting them had never really crossed my mind until it became the beauty industry's worst-kept secret and every editor I knew had them. So, obviously, I hopped on board, too. I went to Envious Lashes in New York City for the first time and tried out a relatively natural set, and immediately it changed the way I looked and felt about my appearance. I was hooked. Over time, I went more dramatic with my fringe and dreaded the day that I would need to take a break from my extensions for the health of my lashes. I'm still a big fan of extensions, but in the long run, they weren't for me because of the maintenance. Going every two to three weeks for a fill-in didn't fit into my schedule, and I had to kiss my precious extensions good-bye.

Though my lashes were healthy post-extensions, they weren't as full or long as I'd grown accustomed to with them on. I'd compare it to walking around in heels for an extended period of time and loving the way your legs look, only to take them off and feel stocky with your new flat feet. So, I turned to a lash growth serum. I've raved about it before—because it really is that good—but after a few weeks of using Rodan and Fields Enhancements Lash Boost ($150; rodanandfields.com), I could already see the difference in my lashes. But then it dawned on me that maybe they should be darker…that's where the tint comes in.

In perusing Blink's menu, I saw that they offered a tint and perm (also referred to as a lift) for $90 at their Saks Fifth Avenue location in New York City. After a little research, I thought, "Hey, this could be it." I made an appointment and went for it. The specialist complimented the length of my own lashes and explained to me that although they were already pretty dark, their blue-black solution would add some extra oomph. I was psyched!

I removed my eye makeup thoroughly and she applied the dye with a protective sticker under my eye so that nothing would get in. This part took about 15 minutes, and then it was time for the lift. I could see a slight difference with the dye, but it wasn't as drastic as I had thought (in my mind, the tips of my lashes were super light and that's why they didn't show up, but that wasn't the case)…

The New Year's Resolutions I'm Making for Healthier Hair and Glowing Skin

– health.com

As a beauty editor, you'd think I would have my beauty game in check. In a lot of areas I do—but I’m also human, so my makeup brushes go far too long between cleanings and I don't always remove my makeup before I work out. This year though, those things will change. Join me with beauty resolutions of your own. Dry-brushing, anyone? (I’m not there yet either; maybe next year.)

Clean my makeup brushes once a week

Every Friday I think of my weekend ahead and get this delightful feeling that I’ll have time to wash my makeup brushes—finally! I am an avid makeup-wearer, so I have a collection of about six brushes that I use daily. I’m aware of the product buildup, not to mention oil and dead skin that ends up trapped in the bristles, and yet I still fall short and end up not bathing my brushes as frequently as I ought to. This year, I commit to using my yet-to-be-opened BrushPearl and to pop the top on my Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel, which smells so yummy that it’s almost an incentive to suds up.

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Mask on Sundays (or at least one night a week)

After a really good spin class, I dream of getting home to shower and throw on a sheet mask to relax (really, what’s a better way to wind down after some killer cardio?). Then I get home and I’m sucked into an endless cycle of watching TV with my roommate—why don’t I just shower and then mask while I binge watch? Good question. That’s why it’s on my list, and I think I’ll have my roommate mask with me, making the ritual all the more fun to do. My fave: Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask.

Use cuticle oil and hand cream every night

I preach about how our hands are one of the first places to show our age, and yet I pick my cuticles and let my digits get dry and cracked. I’ve been told by several manicurists that cuticle oil not only improves the appearance of your nails, but helps them grow, too. I really have no excuse because the TenOverTen Rose Cuticle Oil Pen makes it so easy to apply; I’ll be leaving that baby right next to my bed along with the Filorga Hand Cream. I’m addicted to its spa-like aroma, plus it packs anti-aging superstars like hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Remove my makeup before I work out

As bad as it is not to, there are just some nights after work when the last thing I want to do is wash my face in addition to working out—they’re both things I need to talk myself into doing in the first place. But every time I don’t wash my face and allow the makeup from my day to remain intact as I sweat, I wind up with a face full of blackheads, or worse, the first signs of a cystic pimple brewing deep below my skin’s surface. So to not hate myself each time this happens, I’m going to be relying on my trusty Glov On-The-Go Makeup Remover. To use, slip the microfiber pouch onto your finger, add water, and then wipe your makeup away—no cleanser necessary…

NBA Dancer Claims She Was Given a 'Jiggle Test' as Others Recall Developing Eating Disorders

– www.health.com

Fifteen women, all of whom are former NBA dancers, are speaking out about what they call a “decades-long culture of brainwashing.”

Detailing claims of body shaming and the perpetuation of an unhealthy body image, the women came forward with their past incidents, telling Yahoo! Lifestyle about their experiences as entertainers in franchises including the Milwaukee Bucks, San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns, Charlotte Hornets, Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic.

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Lauren Herington, formerly a one-year member of the Bucks Dancers, alleged her coach said she thought Herington looked “questionable” weight-wise and had instructed her to put on the team’s spandex uniform in order to perform a “jiggle test” in front of the team. Herington was 18 years old.

“She’d come up and grab underneath my butt or the side of my belly. She’d be like, ‘Lose 5 lbs. by tomorrow and you’ll be fine,’ ” Herington told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Her comments come three years after she brought a class-action lawsuit against the Bucks in 2015. In her suit, she alleged that the dancers were paid as little as $3-$4 an hour after covering costs of required beauty routines, like spray tans and manicures.

At that time, Herington told The Guardian that weight restrictions set by the dance team left her “dehydrating and starving” herself to fit into her uniform.

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The Bucks eventually settled Herington’s suit, paying a total of $250,000 in lost wages to 40 dancers. In a statement to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the Bucks said they take all of the allegations “very seriously” but “have found no evidence to support these claims.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, Bucks’ Senior Vice President of Communications Barry Baum tells PEOPLE: “We treat our dancers with the utmost respect and professionalism and value their contributions as ambassadors of our team on and off the court. We are committed to ensuring that all of our employees have a safe and welcoming environment. In recent years we have made improvements to our dancers’ compensation plan to ensure that we pay our dancers fairly. We have the highest regard for our dancers and consider them an important part of our organization.”

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As Herington continues to speak out, others are coming forward publicly for the first time.

Many of those who spoke with Yahoo! Lifestyle also described facing regular weigh-ins and body-fat assessments or “weight probation” or “weight warning” as consequences for appearing to be over a “goal weight…

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I Tried a Lash Lift—and It Gave Me The Lashes of My Dreamshealth.com
The New Year's Resolutions I'm Making for Healthier Hair and Glowing Skinhealth.com
NBA Dancer Claims She Was Given a 'Jiggle Test' as Others Recall Developing Eating Disorderswww.health.com

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