The On Cloudflow Running Shoes Are so Lightweight, You’ll Think You’re Barefoot + MORE

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5 Hand and Wrist Stretches You Can Do Anywhere


From typing on your computer to texting on your smartphone, your hands and wrists get almost non-stop action every day. And while you might think to try some lower-back stretches or some shoulder rolls when you’re feeling tight or stiff, when was the last time you thought about wrist stretches or hand stretches? Like stretching before bed or incorporating morning stretches into your day, you might want to make hand and wrist stretches more of a habit: It turns out, there’s good reason to do so.

Your hands and wrists are made up of numerous muscles, and just like other muscles in the body (including those foot muscles), they’re prone to chronic conditions from almost constant use.

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“They’re used more frequently than other muscles in the body,” says Austin Martinez, M.S., A.T.C., C.S.C.S., director of education for StretchLab in Irvine, Calif. Plus, because these muscles and their associated tendons are bunched up next to each other, repetitive motion can cause various conditions to develop over time, including carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s elbow, and tennis elbow. But research shows that consistent stretching exercises can improve mobility and performance and decrease risk of injury, Martinez says.

Fortunately, you can do simple wrist stretches and hand stretches that don’t draw much attention to what you’re doing, so you can do them anywhere (yes, even at work). Martinez recommends stretching hands and wrists at least two to three times a day, perhaps while sitting at your desk, after a workout, and before you go to bed. Follow his five-stretch sequence below, holding each stretch at least 30 seconds, for looser, happier hands and wrists.

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Wrist extension with elbow extended

Extend your right arm in front of you, palm up with fingers pointing toward the ground. With your left hand, gently pull the fingers on your right hand back toward your body. Switch sides and repeat.

Wrist flexion

Extend your right arm in front of you, palm down with fingers pointing toward ground. Using your left hand, gently pull the fingers on your right hand toward your body. Switch sides and repeat.

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Wrist extension with elbow bent

From a seated position, bend your right elbow and place it on your right leg. With your right palm facing up (as if holding a bowl of soup), pull your fingers gently toward the ground with your left hand. Switch sides and repeat.

Finger abduction

Using your left hand, place your fingers between the index and middle finger on your right hand and gently spread those fingers apart. Continue this sequence with each of the fingers on the right hand, stretching the tiny muscles that connect the fingers. Switch hands and repeat.

Thumb extension

Start with your right palm facing up…

The On Cloudflow Running Shoes Are so Lightweight, You’ll Think You’re Barefoot


For the longest time, I assumed that supportive, comfortable running shoes built to withstand long distances and trail runs also had to be a bit clunky, heavy, and more closely resembling dad sneakers than sleek athletic shoes. But the new Cloudflow running shoes from popular Swiss brand On completely changed my mind.

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First released in 2016, the On Cloudflow sneaker has since been given a total upgrade. The new-and-improved model—the Cloudflow 2.0—is better than ever. In order to revamp the already-supportive shoe, On used feedback from professional athletes to design the optimized 2.0 version, and the result is a lightweight, fully-cushioned sneaker that’s ideal for training and racing (though it’s also great for walking around a city or going for a casual jog). 

To buy: On Cloudflow Running Shoe, $140;

What differentiates this sneaker from the rest is a special foam cushioning element dubbed Helion, which helps your feet rebound upon impact. It’s light, responsive, and resistant to changes in temperature, so you’ll feel like you’re running on a cloud all year round.

The sole of the shoe is also ergonomically-designed to support the rolling motion of your foot for softer landings that feel natural. Even the laces were thoughtfully configured for ultimate comfort and support with the weaves covering a larger section of the sneaker and featuring an elasticated lace holder. And after testing the sneakers out for myself both indoors and outdoors—on a treadmill in an intense Precision Run class and outside in the park on my usual route—I can confidently say that these are the comfiest running shoes I’ve ever worn.

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I had just changed out of my go-to ASICS running shoes when I first put on a pair of the Cloudflow sneakers, and the immediate difference in how light my feet felt was startling. It was almost like being barefoot, only with the added support and cushioning of a shoe that molded perfectly to my high arches. My skepticism of such a light and airy shoe disappeared after just a few sprints on the treadmill when I realized that they still offered all the stability and support I needed, despite the barely-there feel.

Now, these are the only sneakers I want to grab when I’m packing up my gym bag. As of this week, they’re finally available (in seven stylish colorways!) at Nordstrom—so if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your running shoes, now’s the perfect time to grab the newly-launched comfy sneaks.

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Peloton's Holiday Bike Commercial Is Making the Internet Angry—Here's Why


The tagline is “the gift that gives back.” But if the internet is anything to go by right now, the Peloton bike is giving nothing but grief. Or, at least, its latest ad is.

Released by fitness-equipment startup Peloton on YouTube on November 21 and subsequently on television, the ad shows a fictional woman’s yearlong selfie diary after her partner gifted her a Peloton bike for the holidays.

The biggest gripe from social media users? She’s already slim (like, super slim) yet puts herself through 6 a.m. wakeup calls and works out on the bike five days in a row.

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At the end of the 30-second ad, she sits on the couch with her partner to watch her entire selfie diary, with the 1999 hit “She’s So High” from Tal Bachman playing in the background.

“A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me,” the selfie-version of the woman says as the couple watch. “Thank you.”

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users found plenty of reasons to call Peloton out, mostly because this particular woman really, really doesn’t need to be a slave to her Peloton, according to commenters.

Then there are those who think the woman's partner is um, slightly controlling.

Which gave rise to various ideas for how to pay him back.

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This isn’t the first time Peloton has been scorned for their advertising, which in a word is considered unrealistic.

That’s not all. Viewers are also venting about the ad format, which seems to try to combine an Instagram Story with a traditional commercial—without much success.

Ultimately, people expect more from their festive ads. Of course, it’s all about getting the right eyes on your products. There must be someone out there who loves it.


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Peloton's Holiday Bike Commercial Is Making the Internet Angry—Here's

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