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Emily Skye Says She’s "Getting Stronger" in a Post-Baby Body Photo Showing Loose Skin + MORE

Hair extensions and hair treatments are just one way that
Invisiblend Hair Studio helps to increase our client’s quality of life. A hair
technician or hair salon specialist is more than just a stylist, they are a
friend. A person to vent your week to, express your joy and life achievements, there
is more than just beauty when it comes to our hair stylist.

This Is the Skincare Routine That Finally Cleared Up My Post-Workout Acne


I began my fitness journey with beautiful, clear skin. Sure, I'd get the occasional cystic breakout, but I managed to keep a pretty good handle on those suckers with birth control and a cortisone shot from my dermatologist every once and a while for the real whoppers. But then I started working out…a lot. My reward? Well, along with a more toned physique, I was greeted with a speckled complexion that made me rethink my daily sweat sessions. As a result, I went from not even taking off my makeup before hitting the gym to having a full pre- and post-workout skincare regimen to keep my skin in check. This is the combo that finally helped me kick my breakouts to the curb.

As a beauty editor, I always tell others not to wear makeup when they exercise because it can clog your pores. But I never practiced what I preached, mainly because I never had any trouble…until I did. Though I can't pinpoint why all of a sudden I started flaring up, it was very clearly related to wearing makeup. I found that if I worked out without wearing any, I'd wind up with less irritation. Once I had that realization, I started booking early morning classes that I could show up to with a bare face. If I only have time after work, though, I always wash my face first. I keep Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes ($10; in my gym bag for a quick removal process. The cloths are black, so they feel a little more luxe and they're made with charcoal, which acts like a magnet for impurities. If I have access to a sink and a little extra time to spare, I like to pair the wipes with Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser ($60; Not only does it smell like a spa and gets me in the zone for a good sweat sesh, the gel-to-balm formula is an all-star at whisking away every trace of dirt and oil.

If I'm in a super rush and maybe didn't do such a great job with removing all of my makeup, I have a saving grace: the Lumion Skin Oxygen Mist + HOCL ($24; I spritz it generously over my face, and the hypochlorous acid it packs kills breakout-causing bacteria. While I'd prefer to go completely makeup-free, it helps me sweat easy knowing that I used it. I spray it on after I workout, too, as a refresher. And I keep one on my desk and use throughout the day to make sure that my skin is protected from environmental aggressors like pollution and sweat. 

After my workout, I try to wash my face as quickly as I possibly can. The less time I spend with sweat on my face, the less opportunity there is for a breakout to manifest (at least that's what I tell myself to force myself into the shower rather than get sucked into a Gilmore Girls black hole.) In the shower, I keep Dermalogica Precleanse Balm ($45;, which isn't dissimilar to the Eve Lom—hey, I like what I like! This one goes from a balm to oil, though, and comes with a little silicon mit that I slip on my hand and scrub my face with…

Emily Skye Says She’s "Getting Stronger" in a Post-Baby Body Photo Showing Loose Skin


Fitness influencer Emily Skye is enjoying her post-pregnancy workout regimen with her “cutest training buddy ever.” In a mirror selfie with her three-month-old daughter Mia, Skye shared her progress since giving birth.

“Some people might think my progress is due to my genetics or because of breastfeeding but I can tell you it’s got a LOT to do with hard work and consistency!” she captioned the photo, which shows her loose skin. “All those midnight workouts I did after Mia fell asleep and eating healthy meals from my FIT Program are getting me great results.”

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She goes on to share that she's getting stronger and leaner and is in good spirits, which she said helps her mini-me, too. “When I’m happy Mia seems happier too,” she wrote.

Since bringing home baby, Skye has been transparent about the body changes she’s experienced. Last month, she posted a side-by-side image comparing her pre-baby and post-baby abs.

“Physically speaking I will never be the same (which isn’t a bad thing) and I’m making the most of what I’ve got,” she said. “I’ve still got loose skin on my belly but my abs are beginning to make a comeback – which shows me that what I’m doing is working…”

One workout she’s probably doing is her 20-minute core routine, which focuses on developing strong abs as well as the core muscles that help support every body, not just post-partum bodies. 

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"Almost every woman that I talk to wants to have a great set of abs," Skye told Health in 2016. "It’s one thing to have strong abs, but it's more important to have a strong core. Your core muscles are the muscles inside you that you can’t see, but do almost all the work. For people that suffer from back pain and poor posture, working on your core strength can go a long way to helping you improve these problems."

3 New Ways to Beef Up Thin Brows


Good brows frame your face and make you appear more youthful. If you pencil yours in, you might be searching for alternative ways to achieve fuller-looking brows that don’t require the time and precision of daily drawing sessions. These three new treatments guarantee golden arches.

Here, three ways to get fuller brows, depending on if you want to deal with them daily, monthly, or even yearly.

1. Daily

Tired of tediously penciling in your brows every morning, but feel like you can’t leave the house without? Reach for a multitasking brush-on wax that doesn’t require the time commitment or precision of a pencil. We love Glossier Boy Brow ($16,, which offers a flexible hold that doesn’t leave hair hard or flaky. The wand delivers pigment available in three shades—blond, brown, and black—so after one swipe, brows look fuller, yet natural. The tiny, tapered tip makes it easy to detail brows, so drop your tweezers, let them grow, then brush hairs up then over for better brows in one fell swoop.

2. Monthly

If you dream of having thicker brows, but can’t justify fussing with them every morning, consider getting your brows tinted. This process is especially beneficial for those who have over-tweezed or who have super blonde or grey brows. A brow specialist customizes a vegetable dye color, applies it to clean eyebrows, waits a few minutes, and then removes it (the entire service takes around five minutes). The end result: Your brows look fuller and more pronounced for about three to four weeks (FYI: the more you sweat, the more touch-ups you’ll need). Prices vary, but most tinting services cost around $25. Yes, tinting is a bit high maintenance because it requires a trip to the salon, but doing so allows you to wake up to great brows—no pencil or gel required—for a month. Two places we've road tested (and loved): Benefit Boutique and Spruce & Bond.

3. Yearly

Brow products and tinting can pump up mediocre brows, but if your brows are extremely thin, patchy, or sparse, these treatments can make your brows look fake. For natural-looking, semipermanent brows, regardless of how little hair you have, consider microblading—a form of cosmetic tattooing (check out the before and after pictured above). To understand how it works, we asked New York City-based makeup artist and brow specialist, Piret Aava. “I use a manual, non-vibrating tool with 11 tiny needles at its tip to deposit cosmetic grade eyebrow dye and individual pigment under the skin—not as deep as a regular tattoo—to create hair-like strokes one by one,” she says. It’s a tedious process—plan to spend about two hours getting the treatment. She customizes the shape, size, and color before picking up the needle to ensure clients know exactly what to expect. Then she applies a topical numbing cream before creating the strokes.

Following the treatment, she recommends applying clear triple antibiotic ointment with a cotton swab morning and night for 24 hours, then Vaseline for four days (morning and night, plus before showering and working out) to shield brows from moisture, which helps prevent fading…

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This Is the Skincare Routine That Finally Cleared Up My Post-Workout
Emily Skye Says She’s "Getting Stronger" in a Post-Baby Body Photo Showing Loose
3 New Ways to Beef Up Thin

4 Reasons a Daily Walking Habit Is Worth It + MORE

Beauty and health are wonderful areas to dedicate one’s
life. We have seen the simple addition of hair with Invisablend’s hair
extensions and treatments cause an immediate increase in our client’s confidence
and life enjoyment. We encourage you to do the little things that make you feel
good and give you confidence. It will have a dynamic effect on your quality of

4 Reasons a Daily Walking Habit Is Worth It


We're bombarded by fitness messaging that tells us that to be healthy, we must go to extremes ("no pain, no gain). But really, it doesn't have to be that hard.

Simply going for a walk (especially if you do it regularly and outdoors) is an underestimated but low-stress, low-impact, accessible way to reap lots of health benefits. It can be a rejuvenating time, spent in solitude or in the company of friends, in sunshine and fresh air. Here are four benefits of going for walks—no gym membership required.

It Boosts Your Mood

Just the act of walking—the way you've probably been doing without thought ever since you were a toddler—can improve your mood, even in an environment where you may be dreading tasks you have at hand, according to a 2016 study.

Plus, it gives you a reason to take breaks from your chair throughout the day. If you're able to walk outside in a natural setting and not on a treadmill or at your workplace, the benefits are even more direct. Studies show that walking outdoors can help relieve stress: In one study, participants who took a 90-minute walk outdoors reported less "rumination" (repeatedly thinking negative thoughts about yourself) and showed less activity in regions of the brain linked to mental illness.

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It Bolsters Heart Health

Activities that have you gasping for breath aren't the only ones that count as aerobic exercise; moderate walking can help you reap some of the same heart-healthy benefits.

Just 30 minutes of walking a day has been shown to improve blood pressure and reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, according to the American Heart Association. This can be accomplished easily by simple decisions like parking farther away from buildings, taking stairs, and pacing while talking on the phone.

It Can Ease Sugar Cravings

The next time you have a hankering for a sweet snack, go for a brief walk. One study showed that taking a 15-minute walk helped people cut their chocolate consumption in half at their workplace.

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It Improves Brain Health

Going for regular walks has been associated with increased brain plasticity, the ability to create and grow new neural connections in your brain.

It can even help stave off cognitive impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer's later in life. One study looked at the activity level of seniors; those who walked 72 blocks or more per week had more gray matter in their brains, reducing the risk of cognitive impairment by half.

After I Lost My Dad to Suicide, Picking Up His Yoga Practice Helped Me Cope


In September 2002, Kara Edwards was in the car on her way home from a weekend in the country with friends when her phone started blowing up with messages. “We reached an area with cell service, and I started getting bombarded with texts from my three brothers and other family members,” she recalls. Frightened, she called one of her brothers: “He told me that our father had committed suicide.”

“It felt like my world had spun off its axis,” recalls Kara, now 37. “My father was one of my best friends. I’d been a daddy’s girl from the time I was little, and even though he lived in another state, I talked to him all the time. We had just spoken before I left for the weekend, and he seemed fine. I was so stunned and distraught I couldn’t think straight. I had to ask my friend to pull the car over to the side of the road so I could get out and walk around. It felt like life would never be normal again.”

For a long time, it wasn’t. “I went back to work a couple of weeks later, but it was the least productive time of my life,” she says. “I couldn’t concentrate or get anything done because I was so paralyzed by shock and grief.”

She wasn’t functioning well socially, either. Kara, a single mom, and her three-year-old daughter shared a townhouse with a friend who loved to have people over, and Kara began to feel resentful and judgmental of their ability to laugh and have fun.

“They didn’t understand what I was going through, and I thought they were shallow, so I became more and more introverted, staying in my room and writing songs and crying,” she recalls. “The more alone I was, the more depressed I became. I was in a downward spiral and, without my dad, I didn’t know where to turn for help.”

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Forging a connection

Six months after her father’s death, she was sorting through a box of his belongings and found a Kundalini yoga video. “I didn’t do yoga—and I didn’t know he did,” she says. “But I’d been listening to lots of his music, and I thought this might be another way to connect with him, so I tried it.”

Kara remembers, “I cried off and on the whole practice—not in sadness, but in release. I’d been struggling with the feeling that I wasn’t good enough because I wasn’t enough to make my dad want to live. But something about the movement was incredibly comforting.”

She started doing the tape every other day, and over time, the practice helped her absorb the reality of what had happened—and find ways to cope.

“Yoga helped me discern between real limitations and false limitations. For instance, Kundalini is a cardio challenge, but I was able to push myself to do more of it than I thought I could—which made me realize that I could push through my pain off the mat and get to a better place emotionally as well,” she says…

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4 Reasons a Daily Walking Habit Is Worth
After I Lost My Dad to Suicide, Picking Up His Yoga Practice Helped Me

Margot Robbie Debuted Spring’s Hottest Haircut at the 2018 Oscars + MORE

Hair extensions and hair treatments are just one way that
Invisiblend Hair Studio helps to increase our client’s quality of life. A hair
technician or hair salon specialist is more than just a stylist, they are a
friend. A person to vent your week to, express your joy and life achievements, there
is more than just beauty when it comes to our hair stylist.

These 7 Actresses Wore the Same Exact Eyeshadow to the Oscars


The Oscar statues weren't the only thing shining tonight. Glossier's newest eye product could be seen glimmering on the lids of several leading ladies, including Allison Janney and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Though it doesn't officially drop until tomorrow, LidStar Glistening Eye Glow has already been getting buzz for some time now. Remember Beyoncé's Grammy's look? She was wearing one of the stunning shadows that night. Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect.

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There will be six shades–Lily, Moon, Slip, Cub, Fawn, and Herb–ranging from a pearlescent lavender to a smokey gold. The formula appears to be a cream that can be applied with its doe foot applicator. The shades look great on their own or can be paired with the other hues for a more dimensional look. Tiffany Haddish wore Herb all over the lid and lower lash line with Moon on the inner corners. Greta Gerwig, Maya Rudolph, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Taraji P. Henson also rocked Lidstar.

Cream formulas such as these are easy to apply because all you really need to do is swipe it on and go, no brushes required. For a more sheer, diffused look, you can rub it in; for a more intense style, build up a few layers and let dry. You can also use the lighter versions as a highlighter.

We can't wait to snatch them all up–which colors will you be getting tomorrow?

The One Product That Can Make Your Lip Color Last All Day


You prime your face, your eyes, and maybe even your lashes. All that effort, and you’re still content to let your lipstick fade and feather throughout the day? I didn’t think so.

Forever a lover of a good lip balm—Sara Happ’s The Lip Slip ($24; is basically my religion—it never occurred to me that swapping this step out and replacing it with a lip primer could be the answer to long-lasting lip color. It wasn’t until I heard about Bite Beauty’s Line & Define Lip Primer ($22; that I realized how helpful a lip-priming product could be in my routine.

The product itself has a clear, pointed pencil tip made of lauroyl lysine and silica, both common ingredients in all-over face primers. Jojoba and argan oils help nourish, while mint delivers a slight plumping effect. If I’m using a bright lipstick that I want to stay put for hours, I prime all over my lips to create a base layer for the color to adhere to. But if I’m less concerned with overall pigmentation and more focused on stopping product feathering around the edges—which happens quite a bit when using creamy products—I focus the primer around the edges of my lips, as if it were a liner. Since it comes out clear, I don’t need to worry about being too precise, which makes this the most stress-free step in my routine.

It turns out, I’m not the only fan of this primer—it has a four-star rating on and many positive reviews. "This is seriously a game changer, especially in winter," SewLes writes. "My lips stay hydrated and my liquid lipsticks apply better then ever."

"The very first time I bought this, the girl at the checkout enthusiastically told me that everyone who buys it thinks that it's life changing," wrote ser MissButler. "It is now my go-to lip primer. I wear a lot of liquid to matte lipsticks and this makes them go on so much smoother and last so much longer without flaking."

If you take your statement lip game seriously, this primer is a must for amping up the color payoff and longevity. I’ve even started branching out a little when it comes to the lip colors I wear, now that I have a secret weapon to make sure they stay flawless.

Margot Robbie Debuted Spring’s Hottest Haircut at the 2018 Oscars


Margot Robbie’s lob is now a bob. The Academy Award-nominated actress debuted one of her most dramatic hair changes yet on the 2018 Oscars red carpet, and it also happens to be a testament to how much a trim can truly transform your entire hairstyle.

Up until yesterday, the Robbie was wearing her bright blonde strands in a collarbone-grazing length blunt cut, which she alternated between wearing in loose waves and straight and sleek all awards season long. At the Oscars, Robbie walked onto the red carpet with her hair hitting a true bob length, right under her chin.

VIDEO: The Best Oscars Fashion of All Time

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She styled her freshly-shorn bob in very loose waves with a bit of undone texture, venturing away from the classic Hollywood waves and an extreme side part. The latter is a very common choice on the Oscars red carpet.

But Margot Robbie wasn't the only celebrity who made a haircut change for the Oscars. Academy Award-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan walked out with a chin-grazing blunt bob, too, and styled her haircut super straight and with an eye-catching center part.

You can take Robbie's and Ronan's cuts as proof that the bob will once again be one of spring's hottest and most requested hairstyles.

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These 7 Actresses Wore the Same Exact Eyeshadow to the
The One Product That Can Make Your Lip Color Last All
Margot Robbie Debuted Spring’s Hottest Haircut at the 2018