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I Wash My Hair Once a Week—and It’s Never Looked Better + MORE

Hair extensions and hair treatments are just one way that
Invisiblend Hair Studio helps to increase our client’s quality of life. A hair
technician or hair salon specialist is more than just a stylist, they are a
friend. A person to vent your week to, express your joy and life achievements, there
is more than just beauty when it comes to our hair stylist.

This Is the Brow Pencil InStyle's Associate Beauty Editor Swears By

– health.com

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This article originally appeared on InStyle.com.

I've always said that my life didn't really come together until my eyebrows did.

Around the time I learned not to tweeze them into a comma-looking shape, figured out where they should actually start, and most importantly, how to fill them in, other aspects of my life I had stressed over for years somehow started to fall into place on their own. Maybe my eyebrows were my good luck charm—or maybe the rest of the world just started taking me seriously once I stopped walking around looking like the punctuation page in everyone's high school grammar textbook. I've tried a few different methods of filling in my brows, and stuck with the powder and setting gel combo, but Chanel's Crayon Sourcils pencil ($29; nordstrom.com) is the product that changed me.

Chanel Crayon Sourcils Brow Pencil

Though some people go for the twist-up brow liners over the wooden pencils, I actually prefer the latter option. Sure, you have to sharpen them a bit more, but they're more straightforward, and you don't have to guess how much product you have left in the tube.

Chanel's formula aside, many of the pencils I've tried were often too dry. They would sometimes yank out a few of my hairs as I was filling in my brows, which like, that's totally counterintuitive. The point is to make me look like I have fuller brows, not pull out the hairs I'm desperately trying to recultivate.

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I was strictly using brow powder until Chanel's Crayon Sourcils in Brun Naturel came across my desk, and I was immediately impressed with how creamy the texture was. It's almost as if the brand somehow took the smooth finish of a pomade, and poured it into a wooden pencil, though despite the soft texture, it doesn't break or crumble as easily as you'd assume. I'll sharpen it to a point if needed, then use the side of the pencil to trace the shape of my arches and tails of the brow. To get that faded effect at the beginning, I'll do strike each at the top and bottom, then blend it all out with the spoolie brush on the opposite end.

I may still be paying for the sins I committed with tweezers back in the 8th grade, but the world will never know.

Celebrities Love Blood-Infused Moisturizers and Facials, But Do They Really Work?

– health.com

Celebrities Love Blood-Infused Moisturizers and Facials, But Do They Really Work?[brightcove:5387993454001 default]

If you thought a donation at your local blood drive was the only way to harness your blood's powers for good, think again. Human blood has become an increasingly popular beauty ingredient, and more and more celebrities are crediting blood-infused moisturizers and "vampire facials" for their their flawless complexions. But do these treatments actually work?

Dr. Barbara Sturm, a German physician who launched an eponymous skincare line, has become well-known for her MC1 cream (or blood cream, as it's often called). The customized moisturizer is made after drawing a few vials of a customer's blood, and is said to harness blood's skin-soothing properties to boost collagen and reduce signs of aging. Prices for the cream aren't listed on Dr. Sturm's website (it's only available at her clinics in Munich and Düsseldorf), but one jar reportedly costs more than $1,000. The pricey treatment has gained popularity among beauty insiders and A-listers, including model Hailey Baldwin and fitness influencer Hannah Bronfman (below), who recently gave social media followers a glimpse into Dr. Sturm's process on Instagram.

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Then there are vampire facials. Instead of applying a blood-infused topical treatment, vampire facials involve injecting small amounts of your own blood back into the skin on your face. Kim Kardashian is a fan, and helped popularize the treatment when she was filmed getting one on a 2013 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. These facials are available at spas around the country, where they're usually referred to as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facials or PRP injections.

But even if you're not squeamish about having your blood drawn in the name of great skin, do these treatments actually work?

New York City-based dermatologist Bruce E. Katz, MD, tells Health that while blood may have skin-improving powers, it wouldn't be effective as a topical treatment. "The plasma in the cream dies right away, and it’s no longer active," he says. "The MC1 doesn't get past the skin barrier."

That's not to say that Dr. Strum's MC1 cream doesn't benefit skin; the formula reportedly contains complexion-helpers like antioxidants and purslane in addition to blood. But Dr. Katz says that blood alone wouldn't contribute to any transformative effects. (Health reached out to Dr. Sturm, who was unavailable for comment.)

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On the other hand, vampire facials may actually be worth the splurge (and discomfort). In these treatments, blood is immediately injected into the skin after it's drawn, which means the good-for-you proteins from platelet-rich plasma remain intact…

I Wash My Hair Once a Week—and It’s Never Looked Better

– health.com

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I’ve always loved the look of second-day hair—perfectly-undone, slightly tousled waves like you just rolled out of bed. To achieve the style without waiting 48 hours, I used to wash my hair every night, curl it, then use a flat iron to transform the curls into waves that looked naturally lived-in. I loved the end result, but the process was time-consuming—and worse, it was damaging my hair. To top it off, I had oily roots, which meant my "second-day" look actually needed to be recreated every day. I needed a change.

About a year ago, I decided to wash my hair less often. I'd recently splurged on balayage highlights, and I was eager to make the color last. My goal was to eventually go a week in between washes, but I started gradually, cutting back one day at a time. And I'm not going to lie: during those first few weeks, my hair felt like an oil slick, and I was constantly tempted to shampoo it. But I resisted, and as time went on, my strands adapted to the new routine. 

Now, I can honestly say that weekly washing transformed my hair, and I'll never go back to washing it daily. Here's how I make my once-a-week shampoo look fresh for a full seven days.

Day one: Prep hair for the week ahead

Day one (photo: Jinwoo Chong)

One of the most important things I've learned during this process is that when you're shampooing every seven days, that wash needs to be thorough and effective. So once a week, I lather, rinse, and repeat with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. My favorite are Hask Charcoal Clarifying Shampoo ($6; walgreens.com) and Hask Charcoal Clarifying Conditioner ($6; walgreens.com). After, I apply my one major product splurge: Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask With Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil ($71; sephora.com). It's pricey, but leaves my hair noticeably soft and smooth for days on end. If I'm trying to save money, I'll use Neutrogena Triple Moisture Professional Deep Recovery Mask ($9; walgreens.com) instead. It's significantly cheaper, but still hydrating.

After my weekly wash, I blow dry and curl my hair, always dividing it into two layers and curling away from my face, leaving the last half inch off the wand for a natural finish.

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During the week: Less is more

Day three (photo: Jinwoo Chong)

It seems counterintuitive, but I've learned that the best way to maintain my hairstyle throughout the week is to use as little product as possible. At most, I'll spritz Batiste Dry Shampoo ($9, walgreens.com) on my roots, which adds texture and absorbs grease. But other than that, I refrain from using any style-extending products, which I find can become crunchy after a few days…

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This Is the Brow Pencil InStyle's Associate Beauty Editor Swears Byhealth.com
Celebrities Love Blood-Infused Moisturizers and Facials, But Do They Really Work?health.com
I Wash My Hair Once a Week—and It’s Never Looked Betterhealth.com

Adele's Makeup Artist Has the Most Genius Hack for Your Under Eye Concealer + MORE

Hair extensions and hair treatments are just one way that Invisiblend Hair Studio helps to increase our client’s quality of life. A hair technician or hair salon specialist is more than just a stylist, they are a friend. A person to vent your week to, express your joy and life achievements, there is more than just beauty when it comes to our hair stylist.We hope the reviews and blogs and posts help your day go smother

All the Beauty Products We're Buying Right Now Thanks to Drew Barrymore

– health.com

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This article originally appeared on People.com.

Drew Barrymore may have her makeup routine down to a science thanks to her Flower Beauty cosmetics line, but that’s not the only brand the star turns to when it comes to beauty.

In honor of her #beautyjunkieweek, the actress and lifestyle guru just gave us a look inside her product stash on Instagram, revealing everything from her disorganized drawer to her must-have hair essentials. Here, everything we’re adding to our shopping carts immediately.

“@instylerhair Has a blow dryer I love,” the star shared. “It’s called BLU. It looks like a spaceship and it can be put to any speed on a dial instead of high medium and low. I love this and it has changed my life. My hair gets all crazy when the dryer is too intense because I have curly hair. So I used small or travel dryers to get a more gentle or diffused look. Now I get anything I need and I don’t look like a half straight half curly girl!”

Buy It! Instyler Blu Turbo Ionic Dryer, $99; bedbathandbeyond.com

She also revealed her favorite hair products. “My favorite hair products DEESE’S 3 step hair conditioning treatment PHILIP B gold tinted conditioner (great for blondes) and LIVING PROOF in Restore Formula,” she writes in a post. “These are my go to’s. Try em!”

Buy It! Living Proof Restore Shampoo, $28; sephora.com; Living Proof Restore Conditioner, $28; sephora.com; Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment, $42; sephora.com; Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner, $85; net-a-porter.com

And she also shared a clarifying hair treatment, a recommendation from her colorist Tracey Cunningham. “These packets are so amazing,” Barrymore writes. “They get rid of sediments and chlorine and all the things that are in our water out of you hair. When you rinse it out, it looks like green mouthwash is coming out of your hair!”

Buy It! Malibu Professional Crystal Gel Packet, $6; beautyplussalon.com

But she’s sharing more than just hair. Barrymore shared a look at her product-covered vanity, which she says in need of organization. That’s not to say, however, that she didn’t have a few stand-out products sprinkled throughout. (We see you, Aquaphor!)

Buy It! Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $4.99; target.com

And, of course, she shared a drawer shot — filled with a mix of Flower, Too Faced, La Roche-Posay and more.

Buy It! Flower Concealer Kit, $12.98; walmart.com, Too Face Melted Liquid Lipstick, $21; sephora.com; Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $6; sephora.com; La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Mousse, $40; laroche-posay.us; Flower Outstretched Lengthening Mascara, $7.98; walmart.com

The star revealed her go-to glowing skin secret, a sheet mask that she found while traveling to Asia.

Buy It! Jay Jun Baby Pur Shining Mask, $24.45; amazon.com

Need whiter teeth? Barrymore has a favorite quick fix…

Editor Tested: This New Hair Product Will Make Your Style Last for Days

– health.com

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This article originally appeared on InStyle.com.

Confession: If I'm late for work it's because I didn't want to style my hair. Every weekday morning I shower, put on makeup, get dressed, force myself to eat breakfast, and then spend a good 10-15 minutes sitting on my bed procrastinating doing my hair. During this time-out period I check Instagram (for the second time), go through the promotions tab in my Gmail inbox (fight the temptation to buy stuff I don't need), and contemplate just tying my hair into a ponytail—but I have a weird complex about wearing my hair up.

Along with putting freshly laundered sheets back on my bed, I find styling my hair a banal, unavoidable task and I avoid doing it all costs by washing and styling my hair bi-weekly at night so that I only have to touch it up in the morning. So when I heard that Ouai, the haircare line from celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin was launching Memory Mist ($28; sephora.com), a style-extender, the mental images of sleeping longer but still waking up with perfect hair started rolling in.

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Some things sound too good to be true including an effortless hair look that actually requires zero styling time, so I was skeptical that the thermal and memory polymer-powered spray would actually keep my style intact until the next time I wash my hair. Here's how Memory Mist works: mist your hair evenly when it's damp before blow-drying, or on dry strands prior to using heat styling tools to lock in your smooth, straight hair or beachy waves.

Usually after washing and blow-drying my hair, I use a curling wand to add waves to my lob and sleep on it, so that when I wake up the curls look more beachy and less like a beauty pageant contestant. In the morning I go over any unruly or flat pieces with a flat iron to recreate bends as needed. When I first tried Memory Mist, I followed this same process, except for spritzing my hair allover with the lightweight spray.

When I got up the next morning (after hitting snooze once), I was impressed that my waves had held up better than they usually do after sleeping on them. Aside from a touch of anti-static spray to get rid of the frizz and flyaways that were the product of my hair sliding on my cotton pillowcase all night, my hair really didn't need any TLC.

On day two post-hair wash, my waves were a lot flatter, but still very present—the sweet spot between wavy and straight. Spoiler: My flat iron stayed off for the second day in a row. I did, however, spritz my hair with a texturizing spray along with an anti-static spray to give my waves a bit of a boost so that they weren't completely straight by the end of the day.

Ok Jen Atkin: you converted this cynic. I'm officially breaking up with my morning alarm.

Adele's Makeup Artist Has the Most Genius Hack for Your Under Eye Concealer

– health.com

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This article originally appeared on InStyle.com.

Especially in summer's ever-climbing temperatures, keeping our concealer from creasing into those fine lines underneath our eyes (we should have started with the eye cream earlier, we know). Setting spray and loose powder are also no match; Even after taking steps to carefully blend and set our undereyes, they end up creased and worn, possibly with streaks of eyeliner decorating the area.

Luckily, makeup artist Michael Ashton—who has worked with Adele for over a decade, NBD—has the fix for our issue. Though the Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer (sephora.com) was intended for use on your lids, Ashton finds himself re-purposing it for the under eye area to give concealer extra staying power. "If you take a small amount and apply it to the area before putting concealer on, it creates this smooth, velvety texture for the concealer to lay over," he tells InStyle during a recent meeting to discuss Marc Jacobs's fall beauty launches. "In the same way it keeps your eyeshadow intact, it prevents your concealer from moving around so much."

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While it won't replace your eye cream altogether, Ashton mentions that it is a little moisturizing, thanks to the infusion of coconut extract used in the mix. Additionally, ingredients like bark extract and silica spheres help to absorb any oil your skin is likely to produce during the day.

Consider us convinced. Pick up a tube of the Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Concealer for yourself at sephora.com, priced at $26.

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All the Beauty Products We're Buying Right Now Thanks to Drew Barrymorehealth.com
Editor Tested: This New Hair Product Will Make Your Style Last for Dayshealth.com
Adele's Makeup Artist Has the Most Genius Hack for Your Under Eye Concealerhealth.com

This Oil Cleanser Transformed My Combination Skin + MORE

Beauty and health are wonderful areas to dedicate one’s life. We have seen the simple addition of hair with Invisablend’s hair extensions and treatments cause an immediate increase in our client’s confidence and life enjoyment. We encourage you to do the little things that make you feel good and give you confidence. It will have a dynamic effect on your quality of life.

6 Running Stretches That Are Too Easy to Skip

– health.com

6 Running Stretches That Are Too Easy to Skip

Photo: Twenty20

This article originally appeared on Life by Daily Burn.

If you’re one of those runners who sprints away from a warm-up and cool-down as fast as you do a finish line, you’re missing out on some great benefits. Plus, you could be putting yourself at risk for injury.

According to Lauren Loberg, doctor of physical therapy and board certified clinical orthopedic specialist with TRIA Orthopaedic Center, an effective warm-up will prime your muscles for the run, therefore helping to prevent muscle strain and joint pain. Similarly, letting your body find its cool post-run allows your heart rate to drop back to normal, and is a great way to prevent muscle soreness.

Get into the habit of spending just a few extra minutes pre- and post-jog to stretch it out with the following moves. These running stretches are so quick and easy, you really have no excuse not to do them.

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3 Before-You-Go Running Stretches to Loosen Up

Flow through the following three stretches to get blood moving to common problem areas — like knees, hips and ankles — prior to your run. “Increased blood flow and warmth will make your tissue more pliable and your muscles ready to perform,” Loberg explains. Keep in mind: You don’t want to stick to a static hold with these stretches. (Save that for post-workout!) Instead, continuously move back and forth between sides.

1. Groin Stretch

How to: Stand with legs a few steps wider than shoulder-width apart (a). Shift to your weight to your right side, bending your knee to sink into a lateral lunge. Make sure the toes and the knee of your bent leg points straight ahead (b). Hold for 10-20 seconds before shifting to the other side. Repeat 3-4 times.

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2. Hamstring Stretch

How to: Begin standing with your feet together (a). Step one foot back about two feet. Hinge forward from the hips, keeping your back flat and both legs straight (b). Hold for 10-20 seconds before stepping the back leg through to the front and alternating sides. Repeat 3-4 times.

3. Ankle Circles 

How to: Stand tall. Shift your weight to your right side and lift your left foot off the floor a few inches (a). Roll the ankle of your raised foot in a circular motion, making sure to roll in both directions (b). Alternate feet after 10-20 seconds. Repeat 3-4 times.

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3 Stretches to Bring Down Body Heat Post-Run

Loberg recommends these staple yoga moves to stretch out all the areas you taxed during your run — namely your hamstrings, calves, hips and quads. Move swiftly from one pose to the next, or reset in between each. For extra TLC after these stretches, use a foam roller to screen for areas that are especially tender…

This Oil Cleanser Transformed My Combination Skin

– health.com

This writer is part of Health.com's contributor network. Learn more about the contributor network and how to join.

I love wearing makeup. Sparkly eye shadow and glittery lip gloss; creamy blush spread onto the apples of my cheeks; the darkest mascara, applied in several coats to resemble the faux lashes I'd rather not pony up the cash to buy. And I top it all off with four sprays of makeup-setting spray. But as much as I love makeup, I have a dirty secret: I hate washing my face. Many mornings, I wake up to "raccoon eyes" caused by my failure to remove my waterproof mascara before bed. Washing my face at night has always seemed like too many steps—eye makeup remover on cotton balls, cleanser, wash, rinse, repeat. And even then, it felt like my skin was never truly clean.

That all changed when I received a free sample of bareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil ($30; bareminerals.com, sephora.com, and nordstrom.com). I was skeptical at first. Could my makeup-covered face really be completely cleansed with oil? With my combination skin, why would I want to make my T-zone shinier than it already was? But a beauty editor friend had been touting the benefits of cleansing oil for nearly a year, and I finally decided to try it.

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Within weeks, I swear my skin was smoother, breakout-free and—I apologize for being totally cliché—glowing. At $30, it’s pricier than some drugstore brands, but it's honestly the most amazing product I've put on my face in a long time. To use, I spread the lightweight formula all over my face with my fingers. The bottle recommends using three to four pumps, but I find that two is usually plenty. Once my skin is completely covered, I wet my fingertips, which transforms the oil into a milky substance. Bonus: it smells amazing.

The best part? After I dry my face, my towel comes away completely clean, with none of the dreaded black marks I used to get after washing off mascara. So not only does this cleanser let me wash my face with minimal effort, but it also makes my laundry a little easier to do. And if one skincare product can do both those things, well, I call that a win.

This Moisturizer Feels Like a Drink for Your Skin—and I’ve Been Using It for 30 Years

– health.com

This writer is part of Health.com's contributor network. Learn more about the contributor network and how to join.

When I was 13, my aunt gifted me Clinique’s 3-Step System for Christmas. The pastel-hued skincare regimen included the cosmetic brand's mild face soap, toner, and popular Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion in its signature pale yellow bottle. My aunt was working as a Clinique saleswoman at the time, and she swore that using this trio every day on my face would help me achieve a perfectly smooth complexion.

Fast forward 30 years, and I'm still using my Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion ($27; sephora.com, nordstrom.com, or macys.com) every day. The rich, creamy formula is easily absorbed and literally feels like a drink for my skin. I’m in my 40s now, and while I do have some lines on my face, overall I think my skin looks great. An aesthetician recently complimented me on my "beautiful" complexion while giving me a facial, and at my 20-year high school reunion, a friend who hadn't seen me in years exclaimed, "You don’t age!" While I might chalk some of that to good genes, I also credit regular use of my reliable Clinique lotion for keeping my skin plump and hydrated year after year.

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Today, I live in a desert climate where the air is almost always dry, and I use the regular Dramatically Different formula in colder weather for all-day hydration. But in the summer, I switch to the gel formula ($27; sephora.com), which is perfect for my combination skin—it's a little lighter and doesn't leave me feeling greasy on hot days. I find that the 4.2-ounce bottle lasts a long time.

I’ve tried other lotions over the years—some more expensive, some less pricey than this one—but I've never gotten the same consistent results from another moisturizer. Three decades is a long time to stick with any product, but with this lotion, I always know what I’m going to get: smooth, well-hydrated skin.

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This Moisturizer Feels Like a Drink for Your Skin—and I’ve Been Using It for 30 Yearshealth.com

What Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain? + MORE

Beauty and health are wonderful areas to dedicate one’s
life. We have seen the simple addition of hair with Invisablend’s hair
extensions and treatments cause an immediate increase in our client’s confidence
and life enjoyment. We encourage you to do the little things that make you feel
good and give you confidence. It will have a dynamic effect on your quality of

Can Coffee Make Your Workout Easier?

– health.com

[brightcove:4484223732001 default]

This article originally appeared on Time.com. 

The more tired you feel, the harder exercise can be. That’s why coaches of elite athletes have long known that a shot of caffeine before a training session or competition can improve performance by making it easier to exercise more vigorously with less pain and fatigue.

But for an average Joe, does drinking java really give your workout an edge? While the science isn’t solid yet on caffeine’s role as a training aid, the research so far is encouraging.

Caffeine’s main effect on the body is to increase alertness and arousal, which can make workouts seem not so bad. It also may help the muscles burn more fat. Here’s the theory: Muscles use glycogen, a stored version of glucose, for energy, and when glycogen stores run out, muscles get weaker and less efficient, leading to exhaustion. But muscles can also burn fat, and when they do, muscles don’t tire as easily. Caffeine can shift muscles to burn fat more quickly, which can preserve glycogen stores and give muscles more time before they wear out. This leads to a longer and less painful workout. Some researchers also believe that caffeine may work directly on muscle by improving its efficiency in generating power.

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But caffeine may take some time to work. The benefits are more obvious in longer bouts of endurance exercise rather than short-term kinds of exercise, since muscles turn to glycogen first. It’s not yet conclusive how long you have to exercise for caffeine to trigger the shift to fat-burning, but most studies have tested caffeine’s effect on muscles after about two hours. Caffeine’s energizing effects start to peak about an hour after ingestion and can last from three to six hours.

It’s also unclear how much coffee you need to get the exercise benefits. Until recently, the thinking has been that since the body can become tolerant to caffeine, regular coffee drinkers would need an extra cup to get the exercise benefits. But in a recent study conducted by researchers in Brazil, even regular caffeine drinkers—including those who downed about three cups of coffee every day—were able to pedal faster and longer on a stationary bike after taking a caffeine pill, which contained the caffeine equivalent of four cups of coffee, compared to when they hadn’t taken the pill.

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This existing research suggests that caffeine could be an effective addition to a workout regimen, as long as you add it carefully. (Caffeine comes with some downsides, including headaches, a spike in blood pressure and potential stomach ulcers.) Exercise experts suggest drinking a cup of coffee an hour or so before a workout and seeing if the buzz helps you power through more easily and with less fatigue.

What Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain?

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This article originally appeared on Time.com. 

Exercise is just as good for the brain as it is for the body, a growing body of research is showing. And one kind in particular—aerobic exercise—appears to be king.

“Back in the day, the majority of exercise studies focused on the parts of the body from the neck down, like the heart and lungs,” says Ozioma Okonkwo, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. “But now we are finding that we need to go north, to the brain, to show the true benefits of a physically active lifestyle on an individual.”

Exercise might be a simple way for people to cut down their risk for memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease, even for those who are genetically at risk for the disease. In a June study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Okonkwo followed 93 adults who had at least one parent with Alzheimer’s disease, at least one gene linked to Alzheimer’s, or both. People in the study who spent at least 68 minutes a day doing moderate physical activity had better glucose metabolism—which signals a healthy brain—compared to people who did less.

The brain benefits of exercise go beyond disease prevention. Okonkwo has also shown that people who exercise have greater brain volume in areas of the brain associated with reasoning and executive function. “We’ve done a series of studies showing that increased aerobic capacity boosts brain structure, function and cognition,” he says, “Other people have found exercise can improve mood.” Okonkwo’s research has also shown that exercise can diminish the impact of brain changes on cognition, not just prevent it. “Exercise is the full package,” he says.

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Exercise likely improves brain health through a variety of ways. It makes the heart beat faster, which increases blood flow to the brain. This blood delivers oxygen—a good thing, since the brain is the biggest consumer of oxygen in the body. Physical activity also increases levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is known to help repair and protect brain cells from degeneration as well as help grow new brain cells and neurons, says Okonkwo.

In one study. Joe Northey, a PhD candidate at the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise in Australia, showed that when people ride a stationary bike, they experience increased blood flow to the brain, and within that blood are a range of growth factors that are responsible for cell growth and associated with improved brain function. “Considering exercise can also reduce the risks associated with common lifestyle diseases that impact the brain, such as high blood sugar and hypertension, it is further motivation to try to incorporate exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle,” says Northey…

Finally, a Lash Serum for the Natural Beauty Lover

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This article originally appeared on InStyle.com.

Want to get longer lashes the natural way? Click out of that weird at-home DIY recipe page, put down the falsies, and listen up. The answer is in a lash serum. Yes, the conventional product has an eco-friendly counterpart, too, and this product might just get you one step closer to your green beauty goals.

LashFood, the eyelash enhancing brand dedicated to getting you more better fringe with a natural focus, has a serum formula that’s 99.49 percent natural and totally vegan. The Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer ($78; sephora.com) has actually been Ecocert certified, which is a certification process that brands can go through to prove that it’s environmentally friendly in its formula and packaging, and that it has left out potentially harmful ingredients.

LASHFOOD Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer

It's made with the brand's proprietary Phyto-Medic complex, which is a blend of herbs that improves the health of the hair follicle, along with natural rice protein, lavender water, amino acids, and more. And there's clinical studies to back it up. The brand claims that 100 percent of users in a 16-week trial noticed an improvement in eyelash length, and more than 80 percent saw an improvement in fullness. Not bad, not bad.

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Just like other eyelash serums, it's packaged in a tube with a brush-like applicator. You take the brush and apply it along the upper lash line.

And if the natural aspect doesn't do it for you, know one of the brand's products landed upon our best eyelash serums roundup.

Not quite as frustrating as sticking on a set of falsies, we must say.

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Best No-Chip Wedding Day Nail Polish: Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel + MORE

Beauty and health are wonderful areas to dedicate one’s life. We have seen the simple addition of hair with Invisablend’s hair extensions and treatments cause an immediate increase in our client’s confidence and life enjoyment. We encourage you to do the little things that make you feel good and give you confidence. It will have a dynamic effect on your quality of life.

Best No-Chip Wedding Day Nail Polish: Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel

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This article originally appeared on InStyle.com. 

You know how annoyed you feel when you spot a chip in your manicure? Do you really want to feel that way on your wedding day? We didn’t think so. That’s why Sally Hansen’s game-changing Miracle Gel nail system won our award. Unlike other at-home gel-like systems on the market, you don’t need a bulky light device or curing gadget to set these formulas. You don’t even need the traditional base, color and topcoat. This is a simple, two-step system that delivers up to 14 days of seamless wear.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

To buy:  $8; walmart.com

The first step is to apply the color coat; let it set and then add another layer. Wait a few minutes for it to dry then apply your topcoat. Once it’s dry, you’re good to go.

So how does it work? Particles in the formulas react with natural light to harden and produce a shiny, long-wear finish that rivals the weeks-long payoff you get from in-salon gel services. An even bigger bonus: You don’t need to bathe your fingers in wads of acetone-soaked cotton to remove the gels. They come right off with just a few swipes of nail polish remover.

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The line includes over 70 shades, so you can match your nails to the pink roses in your bouquet, or to the soft ivory tulle of your gown.

Asos Is Featuring Swimsuit Models With Stretch Marks and Acne Scars

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This article originally appeared on InStyle.com. 

Asos just earned themselves some new fans with these body-positive swimsuit models. The online retailer is garnering some major praise online by featuring models with stretch marks, acne scars, and birthmarks on their website.

Unlike most swimsuit campaigns, the retailer refused to retouch the photos, and results are seriously stunning. How good is this model making that cut-out one-piece suit look? She’s gorgeous, flyaways and all.






In a world where bikini photos are often highly retouched, it’s refreshing as hell to see these girls rocking their natural beauty in a swimsuit.

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Asos, keep up the good work.

What the Heck Are Hip Dips? The Facts Behind the Body Part That's Driving a Social Media Craze

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Have you noticed this new trend on your news feed recently? Instagrammers are posting photos of their "hip dips," the slight inward curve just below each hip bone. Instead of bashing this part of their anatomy, these real women are embracing it the way body-positive bloggers and many celebs also celebrate their cellulite, stretch marks, bulges, and other so-called physical flaws.

"In recent years, proportionate hour glass bodies have been glamorized in the media heavily," wrote one Instagrammer, jenneydoll. But I have realized that I will never have a perfect hour-glass shape because I have very prominent hip dips (even though I do carry more fat in my lower body). "There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but it is one of those things I don't absolutely love about my body."


Before hip dip photos took over social media, many of us here at Health had no clue what they were. (Something to do with plank hip dips, maybe?) To get the facts on this body area, we spoke to Gerardo Miranda-Comas, MD, an assistant professor of rehabilitation medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

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He set the record straight on what hip dips are and why not everyone has them. "It's not a body abnormality; it's actually a common part of your anatomy," explains Dr. Miranda. Whether or not you have hip dips largely depends on the way your great trochanter, aka, the protrusion at the upper part of your femur, connects to your pelvis, he says.

Many women are paying tribute to their hip dips—but what if you'd rather get rid of them? That's unlikely, says Dr. Miranda, because they are a permanent part of your physiology. However, working out the gluteus medius, one of your main pelvic muscles, could lessen their appearance. Dr. Miranda recommends doing clamshells, hip abductions, and squats with elastic bands to tone this muscle. "Core exercises work well too because the gluteus medius is a component of the core," he adds.

So if your body curves in a bit under your hip bones, don't be alarmed. It's perfectly natural, and there's not much you can do about it. Rather than killing yourself with lower-body exercises to make them less noticeable, we think you're better off forgetting about them—or taking a cue from the hip dip Instagrammers by showing them some love.

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