Julia Roberts Got a Gorgeous New Haircut That Everyone Is Freaking Out About + MORE

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There's a Reason Certain Noises Drive You Crazy, and It's Called Misophonia

– www.health.com

Growing up, my mom and I got along really well, but I'll admit, there was one thing she did that always drove me absolutely crazy: swallow water, or any beverage for that matter. OK, to clarify, it wasn't the fact that she drank water that annoyed me (I of course wanted her to drink it to live), it was the sound she made when she swallowed that I couldn't stand…that glug glug sound that came from her throat as she gulped down a glass.

That sound made me straight-up angry. Seriously, it got so bad that I would ask my mom to tell me before she took a drink so I could leave the room while she did. For the longest time I thought I had weird anger issues, but I recently learned I'm not the only one who has a problem with certain sounds. In fact, there's even a name for it.

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It's called misophonia, and it's characterized by an intense emotional rage in response to specific everyday sounds that other people make, Don Vaughn, PhD, a neuroscientist at UCLA, tells Health. Many of the sounds that drive people crazy come from the mouth, like chewing, breathing, or swallowing. But other things, like sniffling, pen-clicking, or humming, can also make people extremely irritated.

Misophonia is still new to the medical world (it only got its name a few years ago), which means there hasn't been much research done on this disorder that some experts call "sound rage." No one is really sure what causes misophonia, but, Vaughn says, "Every sound, smell, and sight that goes into your system, your brain works very hard to process it and to correlate it with something in your life, whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. Your brain is this automatic association machine, so sometimes it just gets the associations wrong or sort of negatively miswired."

One thing that distinguishes misophonia from other sound-related disorders is that it's triggered by repetitive, everyday sounds as opposed to other sounds, Vaughn says. For example, word aversion is when a person has an intense reaction to a certain word, like moist or crevice, but misophonia is related to sounds, not words. Another thing that sets misophonia apart: The reaction is rage instead of fear, he adds. Phonophobia is the name for a fear of sounds.

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Misophonia isn't yet listed as an official diagnosis in any medical manuals, so there isn't a set criteria for diagnosing it, although there are various online questionnaries that will help you get an idea of whether you might have the disorder.

If you think you have misophonia, you should consult your primary care physician about your options. They'll likely refer you to an audiolosist who can help you move forward with treatment, which usually involves sound therapy and counseling to learn how to redirect your attention away from trigger sounds…

Julia Roberts Got a Gorgeous New Haircut That Everyone Is Freaking Out About

– health.com

Julia Roberts just got a major hair refresh — and we’re loving it.

The Academy Award-winning actress, 51, chopped her signature long waves into a textured shoulder-length lob that the internet can’t get enough of.

With the help of longtime hairstylist Serge Normant, Roberts said goodbye to what looks to be at least four inches of hair. While the actress hasn’t shown off her fresh style just yet, Normant debuted the chop on his Instagram.

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The hairstylist simply captioned a shot of her hair from the side: “@juliaroberts ️ new ️#sergenormant.” Normant, Roberts’ longtime stylist, is responsible for many of her most iconic looks – including the long, glossy waves she wore to the Oscars in February, her last public appearance before chopping off her locks. The two are so close that when we asked Roberts her beauty mantra, she told PEOPLE it was “Call Serge!”

Other stars are already giving Roberts tons of praise about her haircut. Sarah Jessica Parker wrote in the comments, “Gorgeous!!!!X.” Heidi Klum also loves her look and said, “️.”

“Such a great cut!!” Roberts’ fashion stylist Elizabeth Stewart also said.

The actress showed off her last eye-catching hair change shortly after Halloween — and she revealed it wasn’t exactly intended to last as long as it did. Roberts’ golden blonde hue ombréd down to a pastel semi-faded pink color at her ends during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that didn’t completely wash out after she went trick-or-treating with her kids.

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“I was a flamingo,” the star said as she pointed to her hair.

“Oh you weren’t kidding around!” Kimmel replied.

“About four to six weeks!” Roberts told Kimmel of how long the dye would last in her hair. Kimmel then asked, “Is that why you have pink hair?”

“Yeah! I had a lot more last night but…I thought there would be a lot less right now,” she said with a laugh.

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The Exact Anti-Aging Products That Helped Heal Years of Sun Damage on This Woman's Face

– health.com

If you've ever sat out in the sun for a little too long and didn't reapply sunscreen, you may have developed sun damage, which can show up in the form of uneven pigmentation, dark freckles, and melasma. And, as you know, sun damage is super hard to get rid of.

Reddit user NeverMeant125 is breaking the Internet with a before-and-after photo of her sun damage treatment, and it's easy to see why: We all want to know how she's doing the impossible. Luckily, she shares the exact routine that totally transformed her damaged skin, giving her a drastically brighter, smoother complexion.

She begins her viral post with a side-by-side image of her skin: The photo on the left is her face at age 23 or 24, while the one on the right is what her skin currently looks like at almost 28 years old. "These two pictures are four years apart," she writes. "The only makeup I’m wearing in both photos in mascara."

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In high school and college, NeverMeant125 says, she tanned regularly and never wore sunscreen or moisturizer. As a result, she developed sun damage. "The texture of my skin was awful because it was so dry," she shares.

Four years ago, she decided to address her melasma along with her skin texture and unevenness. "When I started my skincare routine about 4 years ago I never anticipated my freckles going away," NeverMeant125 says. If she could get back some of her freckles without the sun damage, she would in a heartbeat, she adds. "The ones that I still have are the ones that I had as a kid." She doesn't believe those were caused by sun damage, however the freckles in the photo on the left that she's treated were caused by too much sun exposure.

Ready for the hero products this Reddit user swears by to cure sun damage? 

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Her morning routine consists of washing her face with CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser ($11; amazon.com), followed by Silk Naturals Facelift Vitamin C, DMAE & Peptide serum ($18; silknaturals.com). Afterward, she applies First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream with SPF 30 ($40; amazon.com), which contains zinc oxide to protect from UV rays.

At night, she cleanses again with CeraVe, then alternates between smoothing Silk Naturals AHA Toner ($9; silknaturals.com) and MUAC Retinol ($13; makeupartistschoice.com) over her face. Unlike many retinols, she likes this one because it's not over-drying, and she's careful to only use it every other evening. As a final step, she moisturizers with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($49; sephora.com), which ensures she wakes up with moisturized, glowy skin.

On a budget? She also shared an affordable dupe she loves in place of the Kiehl's product: Argan oil…

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There's a Reason Certain Noises Drive You Crazy, and It's Called Misophoniawww.health.com
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The Exact Anti-Aging Products That Helped Heal Years of Sun Damage on This Woman's Facehealth.com

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