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This Woman Is Embracing Her Beard After 14 Years of Shaving Her Face Every Day + MORE

Hair extensions and hair treatments are just one way that Invisiblend Hair Studio helps to increase our client’s quality of life. A hair technician or hair salon specialist is more than just a stylist, they are a friend. A person to vent your week to, express your joy and life achievements, there is more than just beauty when it comes to our hair stylist.We hope the reviews and blogs and posts help your day go smother

10 Hair and Beauty Trends That’ll Be Big This Spring, According to Pinterest

– health.com

We've purchased our claw clips (they're back!), tried a probiotic sheet mask, and rocked a messy bun like Meghan Markle. Thanks to Pinterest, though, we now have even more information about the latest hair and makeup trends making waves on social media. See below for 10 ways Pinterest users are saving and searching for the upcoming spring season.

The trend: Glossy eyeshadows

The dewy look is in, and the trend has officially found its way to your eyelids. Instead of classic matte or glittery tones, Pinterest users are opting for a glossy eyeshadow. If you’re looking for inspiration, Kevyn Aucoin’s The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss ($38; sephora.com) is perfect for this style. You can wear it on its own for a neutral, shiny shade, or layer on your favorite shadow to give your lids a glossy glow.

The trend: Stamp eyeliners

To add wow factor to your eye makeup, try stamping on a shape (or two). We’re loving this Lottie Stamp Liner Duo ($9; asos.com), which is the ultimate combo of classic and modern. On one side, you get the standard gel liner, and on the other, there’s a star stamp. Best of both beauty worlds.

The trend: Blush contouring

Enhancing your cheekbones just got easier. Make your blush and bronzer a tag team with this contouring technique. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek ($36; dermstore.com) is incredibly creamy and blendable, making it an ideal pairing with your go-to bronzer. Or opt for Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix Trio ($54; sephora.com), which help conceal, contour and highlight.

The trend: Smudgy smacker

The idea behind this particular trend is finding a matte lipstick that provides a subtle shade of color to your lips. Our favorite? Glossier’s Generation G ($18; glossier.com), which promises to give you "the look and finish of just-blotted lipstick." Yes, please.

The trend: Face mists

Hydrate skin with a soothing face mist, like the cult favorite Mario Badescu Facial Spray ($14; amazon.com). The small bottle is packed with aloe herbs and rosewater, so you’ll feel fresh and ready to take on the day.

The trend: Cat eye nails

This fun nail trend started in high fashion, and now it’s on Pinterest. People are loving this effect, which shows a gleaming line through each nail. Adding geometric shapes, rhinestones, and more enhance the unique style.

The trend: Low side parts

It’s time to push your part even farther to the side with the latest hair styling trend. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are just a few of the stars who have parted with their natural parts.

The trend: Headbands

Scrunchies are making a comeback, and so are headbands. Accessorize your hairstyle with something fun, like the Gingham Bow Headband from Cara ($22; nordstrom.com), or add a touch of glamour with the brand’s Pleated Turban Head Wrap ($22; nordstrom.com).

The trend: Platinum blonde

It looks like blondes are bound to have more fun this spring…

Women All Over the Internet Are Sharing Photos of Their Noses—Here’s Why

– health.com

One journalist is using her voice—and nose—to spread a message about beauty standards and self-acceptance. Radhika Sanghani is hoping women will join her in a new campaign, #sideprofileselfie. If enough women post pictures of their profiles, Sanghani hopes her campaign will “break the big nose taboo,” as she called it.

“I feel like the only taboo that hasn’t been broken is the big nose, and it’s not right,” Sanghani wrote in “Reclaiming the Side Profile,” an article she recently penned for Grazia. In the article, she made the case for broadening the body positive movement so it included nose size and shape as well.

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“We've seen the unfiltered spotty skin, the stretch marks, the cellulite and the body hair all being reclaimed as our own and beautiful online," she explained. "But noses are still hidden in subtle head tilts and awkward poses. We need change. It’s why I’m using this article to launch the #sideprofileselfie.”

Sanghani's call for women to make body peace with their noses clearly resonated on the Internet. Since her article was posted last week, the hashtag has gone viral, and commenters are adding their voices and insisting on change.

“My nose chin combo means I always avoid a #sideprofileselfie this campaign is needed!” one respondent shared on Twitter.

“I’ve never ever put a photo online of my side profile before because its made me self conscious everyday for as long as I can remember,” another revealed. “But you know what, BIG NOSES ARE OKAY although tweeting this is scary.”

“I’ve always hated my large nose and it’s bump. After a fracture in my late teens the asymmetry of my nose only became worse,” tweeted one woman. “This photo was one of many from my wedding day that I couldn’t bear to look at. It’s time to start loving our faces the way they are!”

Another woman proclaimed that having a “strong nose” is positively royal, using Princess Margaret as an example.

Sanghani knows exactly how these commenters feel. Because she was self-conscious of her own nose for so long, she refused to be photographed from the side. But after launching this campaign, she’s come to love her nose—despite what beauty standards dictate.

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“My theory is beauty standards have lauded small noses over big ones because they fit in with the idea of women being delicate, dainty and not taking up space,” Sanghani wrote. “But we’re not. We’re bold, strong, and we can take up as much space as we want, even with our bodies.”

This Woman Is Embracing Her Beard After 14 Years of Shaving Her Face Every Day

– health.com

Nova Galaxia is a vlogger who has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal imbalance that causes an estimated 10% of women of childbearing age to have a higher proportion of male hormones. One sign of PCOS is excess facial or body hair—something she's been afflicted with since puberty.

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But after 14 years of razoring her facial hair daily, 26-year-old Galaxia is tired of shaving off her "secret." So she's chosen to embrace her beard and send a message to other women that they too shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed by their hairiness.

“Women shouldn’t have to shave if they choose not to, but what about those of us who have way more hair than what is considered socially acceptable?” she wrote in blog post for Graceless. “What about us women with dark, thick tummy and chest hair? What about us women who are fully capable of growing a big, bushy beard?”

On Wednesday, Galaxia posted two photos of herself with newly dyed red hair and a full beard. “Dyed my hair to match my beard,” she wrote.

In a YouTube video, Galaxia detailed her battle with PCOS. She said her body hair started “darkening” and caused ”just hair everywhere” between the ages of 11 and 12. Other signs of PCOS include irregular periods and acne, and the condition can make it hard to get pregnant.

Since her post about her decision to stop shaving, Galaxia has shared beauty tutorials covering her own makeup routine and even a how-to on rocking a glitter beard.

“Humans are incredibly diverse as a species, and there is no correct way to be a ‘man’ or a ‘woman,’” Galaxia wrote. She ended her post with a message to other women affected by hirsutism: “Go forth and start unlearning all that self hate. It’s alright to love your body, no matter what that means.”

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10 Hair and Beauty Trends That’ll Be Big This Spring, According to Pinteresthealth.com
Women All Over the Internet Are Sharing Photos of Their Noses—Here’s Whyhealth.com
This Woman Is Embracing Her Beard After 14 Years of Shaving Her Face Every Dayhealth.com

The Surprising Secrets to Living Longer—And Better + MORE

Beauty and health are wonderful areas to dedicate one’s
life. We have seen the simple addition of hair with Invisablend’s hair
extensions and treatments cause an immediate increase in our client’s confidence
and life enjoyment. We encourage you to do the little things that make you feel
good and give you confidence. It will have a dynamic effect on your quality of

The Surprising Secrets to Living Longer—And Better

– www.health.com

[brightcove:5596869363001 default]

Old age demands to be taken very seriously–and it usually gets its way. It’s hard to be cavalier about a time of life defined by loss of vigor, increasing frailty, rising disease risk and falling cognitive faculties. Then there’s the unavoidable matter of the end of consciousness and the self–death, in other words–that’s drawing closer and closer. It’s the rare person who can confront the final decline with flippancy or ease. That, as it turns out, might be our first mistake.

Humans are not alone in facing the ultimate reckoning, but we’re the only species–as far as we know–who spends its whole life knowing death is coming. A clam dredged from the ocean off Iceland in 2006–and inadvertently killed by the scientists who discovered it–carried growth lines on its shell indicating it had been around since 1499. That was enough time for 185,055 generations of mayfly–which live as little as a day–to come and go. Neither clam nor fly gave a thought to that mortal math.

Humans fall somewhere between those two extremes. Globally, the average life span is 71.4 years; for a few lucky people, it may exceed 100 years. It has never, to science’s knowledge, exceeded the 122 years, 164 days lived by Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who was born when Ulysses S. Grant was in the White House and died when Bill Clinton lived there.

Most of us would like a little bit of that Calment magic, and we’ve made at least some progress. Life expectancy in the U.S. exceeds the global average, clocking in at just under 79 years. In 1900, it was just over 47 years. The extra decades came courtesy of just the things you’d expect: vaccines, antibiotics, sanitation and improved detection and treatment of a range of diseases. Advances in genetics and in our understanding of dementia are helping to extend our factory warranties still further.

None of that, however, changes the way we contemplate the end of life–often with anxiety and asceticism, practicing a sort of existential bartering. We can narrow our experiences and give up indulgences in exchange for a more guardedly lived life that might run a little longer.

But what if we could take off some of that bubble wrap? What about living longer and actually having some fun? A Yale University study just this month found that in a group of 4,765 people with an average age of 72, those who carried a gene variant linked to dementia–but also had positive attitudes about aging–were 50% less likely to develop the disorder than people who carried the gene but faced aging with more pessimism or fear.

There may be something to be said then for aging less timidly–as a sort of happy contrarian, arguing when you feel like arguing, playing when you feel like playing. Maybe you want to pass up the quiet of the country for the churn of a city. Maybe you want to drink a little, eat a rich meal, have some sex…

Watch: 17-Year-Old American Vincent Zhou Lands First Quad Lutz in Olympic History

– health.com

What an Olympics it’s been for 17-year-old American athletes. 

Snowboarders Chloe Kim and Red Gerard took home gold in their events earlier this week. Now, teen figure skater Vincent Zhou has made Olympic history by landing a quadruple Lutz. 

Zhou is the first skater to ever land the jump at the Olympics. 

No skater has successfully landed a quad Axel in competition, making the Lutz the most difficult quad jump you’ll see at the Olympics

Fellow American Nathan Chen, who is just 18, also has a quad Lutz in his routine and landed two of them during his free skate at Skate America earlier this season.

The 11 Best Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

– health.com

Long hair is often portrayed as romantic, dreamy, and feminine. Short hair can be fun, edgy, and unique. But if you think there’s anything boring about middle length hair, think again—it’s actually the most versatile length of all. Short enough to play up texture but long enough to weave a braid or two, there are tons of options for those with medium-length hair to make a statement with their strands.

Still not convinced? Check out the shots below for some hairstyle inspo, and don’t be afraid to give one or two try. Pin the rest for later, or challenge yourself to a new look every day!

Fishtail braids

Photo: Hairbyjul.pl/Instagram

Haven’t worn pigtail braids since pre-K? Consider this a personal challenge to give them another go. Sexy, messy fishtail braids update the old classic, and using thin, clear elastics like these to finish them off keeps things from looking too immature.

Space buns

Photo: Nealmhair/Instagram

You don’t need to be at Coachella to rock this trendy look—space buns are an awesome and easy way to make your hair stand out. Gather up two buns at the top of your head and let the rest of your hair flow as shown above, or gather all hair into two low space buns at the nape of the neck for a more subtle take.

Flirty low pony

Photo: Airhairandmakeup and Annett_ka26/Instagram

Tease it, curl it, crimp it, you name it. When it comes to customizing a ponytail, the world is your oyster. Soft waves and a teased crown are the ultimate dreamy date-night combo, but a quick low pony is an easy go-to for errands, gym days, and more.

Beachy waves

Photo: Michlgon/Instagram

Short hair often makes waves appear short and curly, while long hair can sometimes weigh texture down. That’s why medium hair is the perfect length for easy, carefree beach waves that look gorgeous. Whether you use a curling wand or a texture spray, the result is effortless cool.

Upside-down braided bun

Photo: Camillestyles/Instagram

Business in the front, party in the back. Experienced braiders can whip up this style in minutes, and the result is a stunning surprise that will literally turn heads.

Pull-through braid

Photo: Isijaytot/Instagram

Once you’ve mastered fishtails and French braids, a pull-through braid should be next on your list of styles to tackle. Pull front strands into the braid and leave the rest down like above, or gather the finished product into a pony or bun for an updo version. Once you know the braiding technique, the possibilities are endless.

Ballerina bun

Photo: Beautyby_loulou/Instagram

Messy buns are undoubtedly cool, but a perfectly coiffed high bun? So stylish. Use the sock bun method to roll your hair to perfection, or trust your bobby pinning skills to create a topknot flawless enough that real ballerinas will envy you.

Sleek ponytail

Photo: Crystal Blanchard/Pinterest

Nothing says polished like a shiny, smooth pony—plus, throwing one up takes just seconds…

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5 Olympians Share Their Advice for Overcoming Setbacks + MORE

When it comes to invsablend reviews there are a lot of
sources. Making sure accurate and relevant information is accessible we have
started a review blog to help inform the public. We hope this beauty review
helps to enlighten your life and encourage good health.

This Pain-Free Device Plumped My Lips in Only 3 Minutes

– health.com

In the age of the Kardashians, it seems like everyone wants a plumper pout. Luckily for us, there are ways to get there without committing to lip fillers. While glosses work great for a temporary effect, a new at-home device actually builds up your own collagen, leaving you with fuller looking lips.

ReVive Light Therapy Lip Care ($99; walmart.com) utilizes red LED lights to boost circulation. This, in turn, lessens the appearance of fine lines and creates a plush pout. Over time, it helps boost your natural collagen and elastin. Both deplete as you age, which is the primary cause for wrinkles and sagging. 

The first order of business is to charge it with the USB cable it comes with. Once mine was powered up and ready to go, I popped the silicone mouth tray onto the light portion and stuck it in my mouth. I have to note that it fit comfortably and didn't feel as though I had to clamp down my teeth to keep it in place. I pressed the power button on front and it beeped as the red lights came alive—they were surprisingly not distracting at all as I sat with it in and binge-watched old episodes of Gilmore Girls.

To buy: $99; walmart.com

I didn't feel much while the device was in my mouth, but after the three minutes were up and the lights dimmed, I could feel a subtle tingling. I removed the device and immediately checked my reflection, where I saw a considerable difference in the size of my lips—they were actually bigger! I also had some marks from where the tray was, which wasn't great, but when I tried the device for a second time, that didn't happen. You can also see that my lips were pinker and the lines less noticeable (and this is without any lip balm on).

While the plumpness certainly deflated over the next few hours, I was impressed that with after just one use, I could see such a change. With daily use, I imagine that the results would rival that of lip fillers, if going for a natural look.

I Was Blacklisted for Fighting Abuse in Gymnastics

– www.health.com

[brightcove:5718816767001 default]

At age 14, Dominique Moceanu was part of the first U.S. women's gymnastics team to win Olympic gold in 1996, becoming the youngest Olympic gold medalist in U.S history. After years of abuse, she now advocates for the safety of athletes.

I love gymnastics with all my heart. It’s a beautiful sport and has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. It’s that very deep appreciation for the art of gymnastics and the athletes who perform it that drove me to do what was once considered a cardinal sin in my sport: Criticize it in public.

To clarify, it wasn’t the sport of gymnastics itself that I criticized—it was the system and the people running it. About a decade ago, with the U.S. national women’s team at the top of its game, and with the linchpins of gymnastics, Bela and Marta Karolyi—owners of the Texas ranch where the Olympic team trained—basking in public adulation, I chose to speak out about what was wrong. I knew that what I had to say was going to be unpopular with many, including my former coaches and fans of our sport. But I also knew that there were hundreds of young girls dreaming of Olympic gold who deserved to train in safe environments.

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Coming up through the system and being personally coached and trained by the Karolyis, I knew first-hand what a scary and unhealthy place the famed Karolyi Ranch could be. I knew what it was like to be grabbed by the scruff of my neck and dragged across the room by Marta. I knew what it was like to be so scared to ask to use the bathroom that I peed in my leotard in practice.

It was in this unhealthy environment that at the age of 14, while training for the 1996 Olympics, I was told to continue practicing through severe, nagging leg pain. As punishment for complaining, I was made to do my routine an increased number of repetitions, performing it over and over until I literally collapsed on the mat. Only then was I was given a closer look, leading to the discovery that I had been training on a fractured leg.

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With child athletes living at the ranch for weeks at a time without the supervision of their parents or any adults other than USA Gymnastics (USAG) employees, an atmosphere was created where verbal and emotional abuse became commonplace. I believe this, coupled with fear of retribution for saying anything negative about the Karolyis or their ilk, made abuse possible. It later came out that the ranch was the site where numerous young gymnasts were molested by team doctor Larry Nassar.

In 2006, after a career that included being part of the first U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team to bring home gold and being the youngest gymnast to win a U.S. National Championship, I left the competitive gymnastics world. I was moving on, building a family life, working as a coach to young gymnasts…

5 Olympians Share Their Advice for Overcoming Setbacks

– health.com

[brightcove:5720340376001 default]

Setbacks. We all have them. But how you choose to handle those stumbling blocks is what sets you apart from the pack. If anyone can attest to this, it's Olympians. After all, they push themselves to the limit day in and day out, just for the opportunity to compete on the world’s stage—and come out on the other side with a nice piece of shiny bling! Of course things don't always work out in their favor. Yet they always seem to know how to pick themselves up, and go on to compete another day. So what's their secret?

Ahead of the 2018 Olympic Games in Peyongchang, South Korea (which you can watch on NBC starting tomorrow) we chatted with five athletes to find out. In the video above, past and current Olympic competitors offer their advice on turning setbacks into success.

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Check out the highlights below:

Elena Myers, Bobsled, 2x Olympian

“The biggest thing is realizing that stuff will often not go your way. I just really look to the people around me. I surround myself with really strong people—my husband, my family—and use their strength to help me get through everything.”

Lolo Jones, Bobsled/Runner, 3X Olympian

“Just utter grit. I would like to finish what I started. I’m a runner and so you know you may struggle in the race, but when you see the finish line you are like, I am determined to get to that finish line.”

Oksana Masters, Nordic Skiing/ Cycling/ Rowing, 3X Paralympian

“The way you deal with setbacks in a race would be to start off with a good cup of coffee first, and make that, and make sure I am back to my happy place. I thrive off the word 'no.' I’ve been told so many times in my life that I would never walk. I would never be an athlete. I don’t have the right build to be an elite-level athlete. Every time I was told 'no,' it was kind of like putting a little wood to the fire, and it was making that fire brighter and brighter. Finally I was like, I can do it, I am going to prove them wrong.”

Sign up for our 30-Day Love Your Strength Challenge With Emily Skye!

Ashley Wagner, Figure Skater, 2014 Olympian

“Setbacks are inevitable, especially in my sport. Ice is slippery. Life happens. But at the end of the day, you set a goal for yourself. If you can acknowledge that you are not just going to get there in a day and that it takes baby steps along the way, that makes it so much more manageable.”

Hillary Knight, Ice Hockey, 2x Olympian

“I think that's what's valuable about being a part of a team sport is that I am able to surround myself with amazing people. And I look for motivation and inspiration all over, in our locker room essentially."

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This Pain-Free Device Plumped My Lips in Only 3 Minuteshealth.com
I Was Blacklisted for Fighting Abuse in Gymnasticswww.health.com
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This Vlogger Claims Her Extensions Ruined Her Hair—So She Shaved Her Head Bald in Viral Video + MORE

Hair extensions and hair treatments are just one way that Invisiblend Hair Studio helps to increase our client’s quality of life. A hair technician or hair salon specialist is more than just a stylist, they are a friend. A person to vent your week to, express your joy and life achievements, there is more than just beauty when it comes to our hair stylist.We hope the reviews and blogs and posts help your day go smother

Want to Lose Weight Walking? Do This One Thing

– health.com

[brightcove:5410904496001 default]

Maybe you got a fitness tracker for the holidays and are feeling inspired to log a few extra miles a week. Or maybe you enjoy walking as a form of regular exercise, but are curious as to how you can slim down doing it. Whatever your reason, it's easier than you think to torch serious calories by simply moving your right foot in front of your left.

So here's how you take your walking routine to the next level: “Set mini goals for yourself during your walk. For example, if you’re taking your workout outdoors, try pacing as quickly as you can to the next stop sign. If you’re on a treadmill, do the same by setting a time goal that you can look forward to achieving," advises Christine DiBugnara, National Director of Group Fitness and Programming, UFC GYM. "Not only will this feel great to achieve, but it will make your workout go by much quicker.”

If you're walking with a friend or loved one, test each other to fun mini challenges along the way like walking as quickly as you can to your favorite workout tune while the other does walking lunges and then switching roles. As you set and break your mini goals, you'll likely begin to burn more calories with every workout and build your endurance, too.

To steal a line from Hippocrates, "walking is man's best medicine." See, even the 5th century BC Greek physician knew it sure ain't running.

This Vlogger Claims Her Extensions Ruined Her Hair—So She Shaved Her Head Bald in Viral Video

– health.com

Long waves, a lavender lob, a red top knot, bangs, braids, you name it—a quick scroll through YouTube star Vanessa Martinez’s Instagram page, and it’s clear she’s not afraid to take style risks when it comes to her hair, and the results are always chic and cool.

Even with her constantly-changing appearance, Martinez’s 585,000 Instagram followers and 2.1 million YouTube subscribers were shocked when she unveiled a totally new look recently: a completely bald head. And Martinez didn’t just break the news with a selfie; she posted an eleven minute video of her shaving her head, complete with an explanation for her desire to "start over" with her hair.

At the start of the video, Martinez has long extensions, which she cites as the main culprit for inspiring her to make the change. She claims that as a result of adding on more and more extensions and making drastic hair changes, her natural hair had become damaged and sparse.

"I’m just making myself balder and balder, so why don’t I just cut all my hair off and start over?" she says in the video.

According to Jeanine Downie, MD, a dermatologist from Montclair, New Jersey, hair breakage, damage, and loss can all be common side effects when wearing heavy extensions. "My experience is that many people sew in their weaves too tight and they break hair and can cause bald patches," she tells Health. "Other people use glue and the glue is a chemical irritant to the scalp and that can also call small or large bald patches."

During the video, Martinez and a friend are all smiles as they snip and shave her hair away. It's not every day you see a young girl shave her head in an eleven-minute video montage, but it’s clear that Martinez is confident in her decision.

"You guys, hair grows back," she declares, at once reassuring both her viewers and herself. When the shave is complete, she's unable to stop touching and rubbing her newly bare head. In a pinned comment, she goes on to further dismiss any negative stereotypes about bald women: "Being bald is not ugly. [Its] not disgusting. [Its] not weird. If you are going bald due to illness, stress whatever the case, you are still beautiful."

The video currently boasts 782,000 views and counting, with an impressive 55,000 "thumbs up" from Martinez’s supportive following. The comments section below the video is a mix of fans praising her bravery and beauty and others offering advice for Martinez’s new healthy hair journey.

"I feel very liberated," Martinez writes. "New trend, new bald, 2018!"

We think the vlogger looks gorgeous both with and without her strands, and we admire her for taking her hair health into her own hands. For those interested in keeping up with Martinez and her new look, she mentions that she might start a hair-growing series on her YouTube channel to continue documenting her fresh start.

This Device Turns Your Planks Into a Video Game–and It’s Actually Fun!

– health.com

At first glance, the Stealth Core Trainer might remind you of a piece of workout gear from a late-night infomercial. (Anyone else remember the Ab Dolly?) But unlike the as-seen-on-TV equipment now gathering dust under countless beds around the country, the Stealth gadget involves an addictive video game that might just help you stick to a regular core workout. The device and its app actually make planks fun.

Skeptical? Here’s how it works: The Stealth is like a balance board. The platform sits on an unstable base, and you rest your forearms on top, in plank position. Between your arms, there is a slot for your phone.

Once you hit start on the video game, you play by changing your plank position ever so slightly to explode colorful targets. Each round consists of isometric plank holds, subtle forward and backward tilts, and twists and dips to work your obliques.

There are two models, the Personal ($199, amazon.com), which is a little smaller, a bit cheaper, and meant for at-home use; and the Professional ($299, amazon.com), which is designed for use in gyms.

Fresh off a recent plank challenge of my own, I was psyched when the folks at Stealth offered to send me a trainer to try. It took just a few attempts for me to get the hang of it. I learned quickly that the faster I shifted around in plank position, the more points I could rack up in the game before my core started trembling and I had to call it quits. Surprisingly, time flew by–and before I knew it, a minute was up. After two weeks, I could hold a plank for 90 seconds–and I had nearly tripled my score from 41 to 111.

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More than a little competitive, I felt a twinge of pride every time I hit a new record time, or a new high score. If I didn't beat my score the following day, what was even the point of trying?! (Okay maybe I'm too competitive.) But seriously, knowing you can probably eke out a few more points each day may be enough to keep you coming back for more, too. 

I made an account so I could log onto the app and see how my scores compared to other Stealth plankers. I tinkered with the filters on the leaderboard, and found that sorting by age, sex, and location revealed some impressive stats: Other women my age in the U.S. were racking up hundreds and hundreds of points; some were holding planks for longer than five minutes. With some diligence, I figured I could crack the top 20–a new competitive drive to keep me hooked!

But there was one downside I discovered: While becoming hyper-focused on my score was 100% helpful in terms of distracting me from the slow tick-tock of the clock, I began sacrificing good plank form to score additional points in the game. On certain days, my arms and shoulders felt like they got a better workout than my core–and I knew I needed to refocus on dominating the game from my abs…

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