ThirdLove Responds to That Inflammatory Victoria's Secret Interview with an Open Letter to the Brand + MORE

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How to Wake Up Early for a Morning Workout, According to Women Who Do It at 4 A.M.


There's waking up early to work out… and then there's waking up to work out at 4 a.m. (If you're not a morning person, you just died at the thought alone.) Truth: It takes a special type of person to wake up at the crack of dawn for a sweat session. But with the end of the year sneaking up and the holiday season in full swing, your work calendar and social schedule are about to blow up. If you're a strictly-sweat-at-night kind of girl, now might be the time to embrace the morning workout. It doesn't have to be before the sun rises, but consider signing up for a 7 a.m. class at your go-to studio, and you might come away with a new favorite instructor. (Not to mention, science says waking up earlier can change your life.)

Not sure how to get started? Below, seven women who get up nearly every day at 4-in-the-freaking-morning share how they find the energy to break sweat while we sleep—without hating their lives or falling asleep at the office.

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"I keep my alarm in my bathroom."—Macy Vonderschmidt, 22

After graduating from college, I realized I had absolutely zero motivation or energy to lift or run after a full day of work. So I started experimenting with what it would be like to get it out of the way super early. It took me about a month to adjust, but my biggest tip? Put your phone out of reach. I keep my phone in my bathroom, so when the alarm goes off I'm FORCED to wake up and get out of bed to turn it off. (Also try this snooze-proof Red Bull alarm app.) I would say 95 percent of the time that works for me—and the other 5 percent? I cozy back up in bed. Because sometimes it's just not happening—and that's okay. I feel amazing coming into work knowing that my workout is already done, I'm caffeinated, and have taken my dog for a nice walk. Then, I can use the rest of the day to focus on everything else in my life.

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"It's when nothing can get in the way of my workout."—Kayla Coffey, 28

I work out in the morning because nothing gets in your way at 4 or 5 a.m. except yourself. Not family, not partners, not work, not chores. The first couple of weeks I was tired, but I just did it. After a few weeks, I was able to get up earlier and earlier without hesitation. It helped me develop discipline that's carried over into the rest of my life. My advice: Stick with it for at least two weeks by signing up for early morning classes with a cancellation fee, finding a morning accountability buddy, writing down your goals, packing your bag the night before, and drinking water first thing in the morning. Trust me, there's no better feeling than being done your workout at 6 a.m. before the world is even out of bed.

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"I remind myself that it's the only chance I have for my WOD…

Here’s Where to Get a Crazy-Cheap Fitbit on Black Friday


If you've had your eye on a new Fitbit (or you were thinking of giving one as a gift this year), you're in luck. The bestselling fitness tracker is *seriously* marked down for Black Friday—so you'll be able to monitor your heart rate, steps, sleep, and workouts for a lot less. Here are all the Fitbit Black Friday deals we've seen so far, including discounts on new models like the FitBit Versa and FitBit Charge 3. We'll continue to update this list as new sales are announced, so keep checking back.

Black Friday Fitbit deals at Target

• Fitbit Versa ($149, marked down from $199 on Target has the popular Fitbit Versa for $50 off, available in four different band options (we love the periwinkle and rose gold). This is one of the pricier Fitbit models out right now, but it's well worth the splurge, thanks to a slew of cool features like syncing up to smartphone calls, personalized on-screen coaching, and the ability to make payments. This deal begins at 5 p.m. EST on November 22.

• Fitbit Alta HR ($79, marked down from $129 on This sleek, slim model is great for minimalists who don't want too bulky of a tracker on their wrist. But not to worry: The small-but-mighty gadget still delivers all the useful health insights you'd expect from a Fitbit.

• Fitbit Charge 3 ($119, marked down from $149 on The Charge 3 is an impressive tracker: 24/7 heart rate monitoring, more than 15 different exercise modes, smartphone notifications, and a seven-day battery life.

Black Friday Fitbit deals at Walmart

• Fitbit Versa ($149, marked down from $199 on Walmart also has the Fitbit Versa for $50 off. The sale will begin at 10 p.m. on November 21 and includes both the black and rose gold models.

Black Friday Fitbit deals at Kohl's

• Fitbit Versa ($149, marked down from $199 on Yet another Versa sale! This is one of Kohl's Door Busters and will be available starting midnight CT on November 23.

Black Friday Fitbit deals at Jet

• Fitbit Versa ($179, marked down from $228 on The special edition Fitbit Versa will be $49 off at starting at midnight EST on November 22. We love the water-resistant, lightweight design on this model.

• Fitbit Charge 3 Advanced Heart Rate + Fitness Tracker ($119, marked down from $149 on Not only is this gadget waterproof, it's actually swimproof up to 50 meters, so you can use it to monitor your laps in the pool. This sale also begins at midnight EST on November 22.

Black Friday Fitbit deals at Amazon

Although we don't officially know whether or not Amazon will have Fitbit deals, we strongly suspect they will, since the trackers were discounted on Prime Day and last Black Friday. For now, continue to check Amazon's Daily Deals page here—we've spotted limited-time sales on other fitness trackers and on Fitbit accessories there…

ThirdLove Responds to That Inflammatory Victoria's Secret Interview with an Open Letter to the Brand


ICYMI, Victoria's Secret is in hot water this month following commentary from the brand's chief marketing officer Ed Razek, the creator of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, in his now-infamous interview with Vogue.

Not only did Razek objectify women and offend plus-size and transgender people while speaking with the magazine, he also directly called out startup lingerie brand ThirdLove. ThirdLove offers a huge supply of sizes and colors of bras for women with various skin tones and body types — seems like a no-brainer, right?

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"We're nobody's third love," Razek said to Vogue. "We're their first love."

As a result, ThirdLove's co-founder Heidi Zak is responding to Razek's distasteful words about women in an open-letter to Victoria's Secret, which ran in today's New York Times as a full-page ad.

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"I was appalled when I saw the demeaning comments about women your Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek, made to Vogue last week," she begins her message, pulling out specific excepts from Razek's interview that were particularly damning.

"I’ve read and re-read the interview at least 20 times, and each time I read it I’m even angrier," says Zak. "How in 2018 can the CMO of any public company — let alone one that claims to be for women — make such shocking, derogatory statements?"

Zak continued: "You market to men and sell a male fantasy to women. But at ThirdLove, we think beyond, as you said, a '42-minute entertainment special.'"

"Your show may be a 'fantasy' but we live in reality," she adds. "Our reality is that women wear bras in real life as they go to work, breastfeed their children, play sports, care for ailing parents, and serve their country."

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Zak goes on to school Razek about the real definition of inclusivity, as ThirdLove serves all women. "Haven’t we moved beyond outdated ideas of femininity and gender roles? It’s time to stop telling women what makes them sexy — let us decide," she says. "We’re done with pretending certain sizes don’t exist or aren’t important enough to serve. And please stop insisting that inclusivity is a trend."

The co-founder of the upstart brand then explains her reasoning for launching the company in the first place, which was essentially out of necessity. "I founded ThirdLove five years ago because it was time to create a better option," Zak says. "ThirdLove is the antithesis of Victoria’s Secret. We believe the future is building a brand for every woman, regardless of her shape, size, age, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation…

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