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We Tried It: Physiclo Weighted Workout Pants + MORE

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We Tried It: Physiclo Weighted Workout Pants


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What It Is: Physiclo Compression Tights with Built-In Resistance

Who Tried It: Stephanie Emma Pfeffer,  PEOPLE Bodies writer

Level of Difficulty: 5/10

I was skeptical when I first heard about Physiclo compression tights and the company’s promise of amping up a workout just by wearing special gear. But it sort of made sense, the idea of built-in resistance making a workout harder and more efficient. And since I’m always trying to squeeze the best workout in the fewest minutes possible (who isn’t?), I ordered a pair and decided to take them for a trial run. Literally.

The first thing I noticed was how difficult they were to get on. I mean, these babies were tight! And at $110 for capris and $125 for full-length tights, I was a little annoyed at feeling like I was being stuffed into a sausage casing. Once they were on, though, things felt better — and each time I wore them they were easier to pull on.

The site says Physiclo’s technology uses elastic bands and panels stretching over different muscle groups to generate resistance. My legs definitely felt heavier wearing them.

To test the company’s claim of an increased heart rate and caloric burn, I did the same routine wearing the Physiclo tights one day and my regular workout pants another day, comparing my Fitbit stats both days.

I ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes at a pace of 6.0 and a barely noticeable 1.0 incline. Even with the added weight, the tights didn’t restrict my movement at all, although I imagined it might be hard to do my usual speed work.

Wearing the Physiclo tights I had an average heart rate of 158 (max 170), and I burned 158 calories. In regular pants my heart rate was 154 (max 164) and I burned 133 calories.

So according to my completely unscientific experiment, wearing the Physiclo pants produced not only a higher heart rate but more of a calorie burn! I was sold.

Over the next few weeks I wore them for some other activities. I jumped rope in them one day.  I wore them to the playground to do body weight exercises while my kids ran around. I tried the leg-day workout on the Physiclo site designed by Olympian Stephen Lambdin.

By this time I was starting to dig them and feel a lot more comfortable. I was able to run 5 miles on the treadmill with no problem achieving my usual speed. (Not sure if my legs were getting stronger or what, but I felt great!)

When I most felt the effects was while doing exercises like squats or the Stair Master. I did 15 minutes at level 10 and really felt it in my thighs and butt.  I felt as sore as if I had done a full hour of barre! I wondered if I would grow an awesome peach booty if I wore these consistently.

After a few weeks of wearing Physiclo sporadically, I noticed that my legs felt stronger, tighter and more toned. Not sure if that was the pants or because I was working out a lot more in general…

Dermstore's Black Friday Sale Is Here! 12 Things You're Going to Want to Buy


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Black Friday is here, and Dermstore is offering a rare 30% off discount on select skincare, haircare, makeup, and more beauty essentials with the code FRIDAY. The sale starts at 12:01AM EST on November 24 (that's 9:01PM PST on November 23). There are some brand exclusions, and other brands have a lower discount of 15% or 20% off, but we're excited to see that many of our favorite products are included in the sale. Here, 12 must-buy beauty finds we'll be adding to our shopping carts.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel (regularly $148, now $104;

Our editorial assistant's "favorite product ever," this formula contains powerful alpha beta acids that work to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging. It's not cheap, but each pack contains 60 peels, so it should last you awhile.

Erno Laszlo Peel-Off Masking Set (regularly $80, now $56;

This five-pack of Erno Laszlo's most popular sheet masks is already a great deal at $80, an $100 value. But take off an additional 30%, and you'll definitely want to stock up.

Peter Thomas Roth Mask-A-Holic Kit (regularly $74, now $53;

This kit makes a fantastic present, and we love that it's packaged in a ready-to-gift box. But we also wouldn't blame you if you kept these luxurious masks for yourself; the formulas target just about every skincare concern, from dryness to aging to acne.

Dermalogica Precleanse (regularly $42, now $30;

In the market for a new facial cleaner? You won't regret investing in this plant-based cleansing oil from Dermalogica, which gently removes makeup and debris for instantly smoother skin.

EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 (regularly $33, now $26;

This brand has the A-list stamp of approval: Celebs like Ashley Graham and Mindy Kaling both swear by it. The formula contains hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and lactic acid to reduce shine.

iS Clinical Active Serum (regularly $135, now $94;

More than 70 five-star reviews aren't lying: This popular serum helps brighten skin, prevent acne, and fight signs of aging, and it's free of parabens too.

Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Trove Collector's Set (regularly $48, now $33;

This set includes Tarte's Amazonian Clay products, including eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, and glossy lip paint. In addition to Amazonian Clay, which helps ensure long-wear coverage, the formulas contain vitamin E to nourish skin. The full value is $386, making this a serious steal.

skyn Iceland Holiday Eye Brightening Duo (regularly $45, now $34;

A Dermstore exclusive, this two-piece set includes skyn Iceland's Brightening Eye Serum and Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. Plus, the site is offering a limited-time bonus of the Icelandic Relief Eye Cream, a $16 value, with any skyn Iceland purchase…

4 Signs You Should See Another Doctor for a Second Opinion


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You leave your doctor’s office with a gnawing doubt. She’s the one with the MD, of course. But something’s not right. Should you get a second opinion? Yes, say experts, and don’t think twice. A fresh perspective can make all the difference for your health. Here, a few good reasons to schedule another appointment.

1. There’s been no mention of a specific diagnosis. Even before your doc IDs your ailment, she should be able to tell you what’s likely going on—or at least the range of possibilities, says Leana Wen, MD, author of When Doctors Don’t Listen ($13; “If she doesn’t, that’s a big red flag,” she says.

2. Your own research doesn’t match up. Once you have a diagnosis—and you’ve Googled the heck out of it—don’t be afraid to question your doc’s conclusion. "Does it really explain how you’re feeling?" says Dr. Wen. Do your symptoms align with the descriptions on reputable health sites? "If not, talk to your doc— and if you still have concerns, see someone else."

3. You’re hearing about only one possible treatment. "In nearly every case, there is more than one treatment option," says Dr. Wen. "And sometimes a viable option is watchful waiting." Your provider should present multiple alternatives, along with their pros and cons, so you can decide what’s best for you.

4. You just don’t trust your doctor. If you don’t think she’s taking you seriously, or if you have any doubts about her competence, find a different expert, says Health medical editor Roshini Rajapaksa, MD. “It’s your body, so follow your instincts,” she says. "It never hurts to get a second opinion."

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We Tried It: Physiclo Weighted Workout
Dermstore's Black Friday Sale Is Here! 12 Things You're Going to Want to
4 Signs You Should See Another Doctor for a Second

Karlie Kloss Says Running the Marathon Was the Best Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Training + MORE

Beauty and health are wonderful areas to dedicate one’s
life. We have seen the simple addition of hair with Invisablend’s hair
extensions and treatments cause an immediate increase in our client’s confidence
and life enjoyment. We encourage you to do the little things that make you feel
good and give you confidence. It will have a dynamic effect on your quality of

Trainer Does the Splits While Lifting 65 Lbs. Over Her Head: 'I Love Doing Silly Things with My Body!'


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This article originally appeared on

Doing the splits is already impressive. But it can be outdone, as fitness trainer Katie Sonier proves by regularly weightlifting up to 65 lbs. while in a full split.

The Miami-based former gymnast says her aerobic moves started during her days as a college lacrosse player.

“I love doing silly, yet impressive, things with my body!” Sonier, 25, tells PEOPLE. “Whenever I fell on the field I would do either some sort of split roll or gymnastic move out of it. My teammates thought it was hilarious.”

What began as a joke turned into a serious pitch for adding flexibility to fitness, something she preaches to her clients, though on a much smaller scale (Don’t try doing weightlifting splits on your own).

“Lifting weights while doing a split is meant to be a silly thing, but it also shows the hard work I put in daily on all elements to fitness — stability, strength, mobility, flexibility. The human body is a machine and it’s pretty cool what it’s capable of with some hard work!” Sonier says.

She adds that many people who feel tired and sore after a workout think they’re overtraining, but in reality they just lack flexibility.

“Flexibility is unfortunately an element to fitness that is often neglected,” Sonier says. “But it’s so important because when you improve flexibility, you improve your range of motion. Which then means you can move more optimally, which then means more opportunity for making progress and building muscle and puts you at a lower risk of injury.”

For people trying to improve their flexibility, Sonier, who also created a six-week flexibility training plan, recommends starting small with forward hangs and side twists, and committing to a few minutes of daily stretching.

“Just like anything else, the more you work on it, the more improvements you will make,” she says.

Christina Aguilera Is Almost Unrecognizable with Barely-There Makeup at AMAs


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Christina Aguilera left Xtina at home, swapping her usual full face of makeup for a simple, subtle and almost au naturale look for her Whitney Houston tribute at the 2017 American Music Awards.

The singer, 36, blew audiences away with her stellar rendition of “Run to You” from The Bodyguard soundtrack as part of the 25th-anniversary tribute of the Nov. 25, 1992, release. (Academy Award and Tony Award winner Viola Davis introduced Aguilera’s performance.)

The fact that her performance was powerful was no surprise; however, her fresh-faced look–arguably her most minimal and unrecognizable yet – certainly was.

While many have come to know her for dramatic red lips and colorful eye makeup (not to mention fearless hair colors), the star opted to go more low-key for her return to the stage, rocking a nearly barefaced complexion, nude lip and slicked back blonde tresses.

Check out PEOPLE’s full 2017 American Music Awards coverage.

And fans were loving the no-makeup makeup look:








Wearing a black satin suit dress, Aguilera belted out Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” “I Have Nothing” and “Run to You” as well as “I’m Every Woman.”

Houston, who had long battled drug addiction, died tragically in 2012 at age 48, after accidentally drowning in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The late legend’s sister-in-law Pat Houston and her niece Rayah Houston were in attendance for the night’s tribute.

The American Music Awards broadcast live from the Microsoft Theater in L.A. Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Karlie Kloss Says Running the Marathon Was the Best Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Training


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This article originally appeared on

After a two year hiatus from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Karlie Kloss made her grand return to the runway in Shanghai. And the supermodel feels right at home with the Angel squad.

“This is the greatest show on Earth. It’s really special to be back here with all my girls and in the famous pink robe and just getting ready for the show here in Shanghai,” she told PEOPLE backstage at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “It’s a very, very special runway and it’s a very special year have this big show in China.”

Kloss last walked the runway in 2014 (alongside Taylor Swift!), and shortly thereafter ended her contract with the brand because of other commitments. But Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show head Ed Razek told PEOPLE at the time that “she will always be an Angel to me.” And he wasn’t kidding, inviting the model to return whenever she wanted to.

“It just felt like the right time. It’s like riding a bike, getting back out there and wearing the wings,” she shared. “I was in rehearsals and had my wings on and I kind of had a ‘pinch me’ moment. I never thought I’d be back out here and it was really special. Being on the Victoria’s Secret Runway makes me feel invincible.”

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Earlier the month, Kloss ran the New York City marathon, and said it was the best physical training she could have ton to get VS runway ready.

“I just ran the marathon and that was one of the greatest physical and mental challenges that I ever willingly signed up for, and I’m kind of addicted to it now,” she shared. “I want to do it next year and maybe run another one in between. I’ve always dreamed of doing it and it was tough, but it was a great way to train for this runway.”

RELATED PHOTOS: See how the Angels worked out for the show!

Kloss also maintains that a healthy diet, even after the show, has been key to her lifestyle.

“I think all of us treat ourselves like athletes and we’re constantly traveling and on the road and all of us to train and have energy to do our job and to workout and feel strong you have to eat properly and really fuel your body and your mind,” she said, before adding, “I’m looking forward to a delicious meal after the show — I heard rumors there is going to be pizza at the so I look forward to that!”

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Trainer Does the Splits While Lifting 65 Lbs. Over Her Head: 'I Love Doing Silly Things with My Body!'
Christina Aguilera Is Almost Unrecognizable with Barely-There Makeup at
Karlie Kloss Says Running the Marathon Was the Best Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

How I Learned to Tell the Difference Between Being Lazy and Being Safe at the Gym   + MORE

Beauty and health are wonderful areas to dedicate one’s life. We have seen the simple addition of hair with Invisablend’s hair extensions and treatments cause an immediate increase in our client’s confidence and life enjoyment. We encourage you to do the little things that make you feel good and give you confidence. It will have a dynamic effect on your quality of life.

Try this Reputation-themed Workout in Honor of Taylor Swift's New Album


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This article originally appeared on

Oooh, look what she made you do!

Taylor Swift‘s new album Reputation came out on Friday and to celebrate, Reebok put together a simple workout that you can do at home while listening to Swift sing about ex-boyfriends, rivalries and all of her wildest dreams. Just follow along with the moves in the GIFs below.

The only question left is, are you ready for it?

Every time an ex‐boyfriend is mentioned do 10 high knees.

High Knees: Start by running in place bringing your knees up close to your chest, one at a time. Try to move as fast as possible.

Every time she references “playing games” or being fake do three jump squats

Jump Squats: Start with your feet right under your hips. Keeping your chest up, drop into a squat and then jump up as high as you can. Lower right back down into your squat as you come down. Make sure your hips break parallel!

Every time she talks about dreams or fantasies do a five mountain climbers

Mountain Climbers: From your high plank position, run each leg toward your chest. The key to getting the most out of mountain climbers is to keep your hips down and shoulders stacked right over your wrists.

Every time you hear her sing the word “love” or “baby” do three burpees

Burpees: Bend over placing your hands on the floor in front of you. Jump both feet back while dropping your chest to the ground. Then, jump both feet back up towards your hands, explosively jumping up with your hands overhead, fully extending your hips.

Every time her reputation is mentioned do three skaters

Skaters: Jump sideways to your left, landing on your left foot. Bring your right leg behind your ankle, keeping it off the ground. Reach your right hand toward your left foot and stay low. Reverse this movement to your right and repeat.

Every time she talks instead of sings do tuck jumps until she stops

Tuck Jumps: Stand with both feet together. Jump up as high as possible bringing your knees up by your chest. Make sure to land with your knees bent so you’re ready for the next jump!

Glossier Just Introduced the Best Perfume for Travel


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This article originally appeared on

At a restaurant last week, a server came up to me and said, “We’ve got to know — what scent are you wearing?” I smiled, and replied, “Glossier You. It’s the best perfume I’ve ever worn.”

And it’s true. Glossier calls it “the ultimate personal fragrance.” I call it the ultimate travel fragrance. Subtle nuance and a symphony of aromatic notes give you the best perfume to have in your carry-on.

I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over the best scent to wear when traveling. If it’s too strong, it will put off your in-flight neighbors. If it wears off too easily, what’s the point? If the bottle is too big or clunky with edges and weight, it doesn't pack well.

Glossier You, with the glorious scent and sleek container, is perfection, bottled. The company was founded on a trendy beauty blog and gained traction with a skincare and makeup line that weds simplicity with individuality. They are using simple products to create a look that is unique and real. And now, they’ve transcended the norm of top-notch perfumes with a vital first ingredient: you.

The perfume smells different on each wearer, allowing the base notes (ambrette, ambrox, and musk), and the top notes (iris root and pink pepper) to melt in with your true scent, so every time you wear it, it feels like your own little secret.

And while the perfume doesn’t overpower, it will stick around all day — through the airport, train station, subway, long car rides — wherever you go, it will stay on you the whole time.

Plus, it’s convenient to pack. The small, rounded bottle is light (just like the scent) and slips easily into beauty bags and inside pockets. At 1.7 fluid ounces, it’s TSA-approved. Voila.

You can find a bottle at for $60.

How I Learned to Tell the Difference Between Being Lazy and Being Safe at the Gym


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I once took a face-plant in the middle of a set of plyometric push-ups. One second, I was a machine, effortlessly clapping between each rep and springing into the next one. The next second, my arms gave out and I went face first into the gym floor. I was a little stunned at first but I quickly laughed it off—endorphins are a hell of a drug—and gleefully launched into my next set. 

As a fitness professional in the prime of youth (I was in my mid-20s when I face-planted) and the peak of shape, I considered limits the enemy. It felt good to push them. It felt even better to ignore them, or insist that they didn't exist at all. So I’d write off any signs of fatigue as weakness and keep pushing through that next set, sprint, or session. And when my trembling muscles and broken brain did finally force me to give up, I told myself that I’d have to do better the next time.

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Then I started teaching a number of high intensity interval, martial arts, and cycling classes. I’d blast songs like “No Limits” by 2 Unlimited and guide my students through the exact same process. 

It wasn't until I was in charge of other people’s wellbeing that I started to question my fraught relationship with limits. I’d been happy to beat up my own body beyond all rationality in the pursuit of toughness—and then beat my brain up when my body failed—but I had both a professional and moral obligation to keep the people who took my classes safe, healthy, and challenged in responsible ways. A lot of what I was doing to myself, it turned out, was none of those things.

Why we push ourselves too hard

I was hardly alone when it came to my limits issue. Many of my students shared it. Most of my colleagues did, too. In fitness, it’s often hard to find the line between being strong and being reckless. The messages we receive are all about pushing beyond our limits, not quitting, and achieving the impossible, which doesn't always leave room for things like listening to your body and knowing when it is actually time to slow down or stop. There are no cool t-shirt slogans or high-BPM pop songs about backing off of your resistance training when you can no longer execute a move with proper form, or slowing down when your pulse starts climbing too close to your maximum heart rate. 

Even if you can manage to accept that you are a mortal with at least some limitations, it isn’t always easy to recognize these limits as you approach them. A lifetime of being encouraged to push yourself to the extreme in phys ed, in the gym, and in life in general leaves many of us so disconnected from our bodies and brains that we don’t recognize the signs of fatigue when they start to approach.

There’s also a layer of guilt and self-doubt that comes along with trying to figure out when it’s time to quit…

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We Tried It: Physiclo Weighted Workout Pants + MORE

[brightcove:5523715639001 default] This article originally appeared on What It Is: Physiclo Compression Tights with Built-In Resistance Who Tried It: Stephanie Emma Pfeffer,  PEOPLE Bodies writer Level of Difficulty: 5/10 I was skeptical when I first heard about Physiclo compre.... More »

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Try this Reputation-themed Workout in Honor of Taylor Swift's New
Glossier Just Introduced the Best Perfume for
How I Learned to Tell the Difference Between Being Lazy and Being Safe at the Gym

Miss Washington USA Contestant Hopes Her Disability Will Empower Others + MORE

Beauty and health are wonderful areas to dedicate one’s
life. We have seen the simple addition of hair with Invisablend’s hair
extensions and treatments cause an immediate increase in our client’s confidence
and life enjoyment. We encourage you to do the little things that make you feel
good and give you confidence. It will have a dynamic effect on your quality of

The New #LoveOverBias 2018 Winter Olympics Ad Will Move You to Tears


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Whip out that pack of tissues. With the 2018 Winter Games less than 100 days away, household products giant Procter and Gamble has just released their latest heartstrings-tugging Olympics video campaign. 

Just as they did in previous years, P&G themed the campaign around the moms of athletes. "Thank You, Mom" is a tearjerker of a tribute, highlighting the love and support of the mothers of the competitors who will be going for the gold in PyeongChang, South Korea in February.

But this year's video series also takes on a hot-button topic: bias. Titled "Love Over Bias," the campaign's first ad features a montage of moms watching their adorable children chase their sports-related dreams, from figure skating to ice hockey. The children all come from diverse backgrounds in terms of race, ethnicity, and disability.

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Like all moms, the mothers in the video want the best for their kids, encouraging and supporting them in a world that doesn't always appreciate diversity. The vignettes focus on real Olympic athletes and their personal stories about struggling to make it in the face of bias and stereotypes.

To go along with the new campaign (more videos have been released on YouTube), P&G has launched the hashtag #LoveOverBias. The aim is to start a conversation about differences and diversity, support competitors, and build anticipation for the Olympics, one of the few worldwide events that brings together people across the globe.

Miss Washington USA Contestant Hopes Her Disability Will Empower Others


This article originally appeared on

When Madeline Irwin steps onstage to compete for the Miss Washington USA title, she won’t just be standing up for herself.

The 22-year-old college student was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (known as AMC), which is a congenital joint contracture in two or more areas of the body. Irwin, who is unable to fully straighten her arms, hands, fingers and one leg, and has severe scoliosis as a result of AMC, hopes to use her pageant platform to help others.

“I knew I wanted to someday advocate for people with physical disabilities like myself,” the Port Angeles, Washington native tells PEOPLE of her decision to enter her first pageant. “The only issue was that I wasn’t ready for a while because I had a long way to go to accepting and loving myself. So I worked really hard with self reflection and using social media and surrounding myself with people who had morals and values like I do, I finally reached a point where I felt confident enough to share my journey about accepting yourself as you are.”

Irwin – who if she wins her state competition on November 5, will go on to represent Washington in next year’s Miss USA pageant – also wants to be a role model for children.

“The challenges I faced mostly, and what I’m advocating for now, is that there was no representation for someone like me that I could look up to growing up,” she says. “So it was really difficult to know, as someone who is disabled, who I can be and what I can do because I wasn’t able to see that around me.”

She continues: “There is a pretty strong stigma around the word ‘disability,’ a negative stigma. People think of ‘disability’ and they think of someone who needs to be pitied, and so I felt like growing up I didn’t want to be associated with that for a long time, until I could use the word ‘disabled’ to empower myself so that’s what I’m doing now.”

Irwin’s drive also led her to follow her childhood passion for the piano. “I played behind closed doors for a really long time because of my AMC,” says the Washington State University, Vancouver junior.  “I felt like I wasn’t good enough because my hands weren’t able to play like everyone else.”

Now, she’s avid pianist thanks to hard work and an encouraging teacher. “[My piano teacher] would teach me different ways to play if I wasn’t able to do it as it was written, but still make it sound good,” says Irwin. “I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’m very proud of myself for doing that.”

And she’s taking that positive outlook to the stage. “[Due to AMC], I’m unable to wear heels for the pageant which is a bummer,” says Irwin. “But I found some really cute shoes.”

This New Adidas Video Busts the Stereotypes About Female Athletes Wide Open


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There is nothing more inspiring than a badass female athlete. And Adidas’ latest campaign is chockfull of them.

Titled Fearless AF, the just-released one-minute spot dispels tired stereotypes about women in sports, including the idea that female runners are not tough, fast, strong, determined, or competitive enough. As a male announcer’s voice repeatedly lists all the ways women who compete are supposedly subpar, the screen flashes images of female athletes doing their thing and just standing around looking cool and confident.

With its heartbeat-like background drumming, the ad feels like a rallying cry, asking viewers to dig deep and find their inner champion—and be fearless.

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“Fearless AF means feeling the fear and doing it anyway,” Robin Arzon, a lawyer-turned-ultramarathoner who is featured in the ad, tells Health. It's about "leaning into the knowledge that you’ve survived 100% of your worst days and a community of women is cheering you on,” she adds.

Along with Arzon, the video features five other Adidas athletes and ambassadors—supermodel Karlie Kloss; Katherine Switzer, the first woman to officially run the Boston marathon; Mary Keitany, three-time winner and defending New York City Marathon women’s champion; founder of Girls Run NYC Jessie Zapo; and Jen Rhines, a three-time Olympian. Each represents a defining character trait: boss, fearless, determined, bold, creative, and fierce.

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These six women are running this year’s TSC New York City Marathon on Sunday. (Talk about #squadgoals!) The commercial also pays homage to OG marathoner Switzer, with images of her being attacked mid-race in 1967 by the Boston Marathon race director at the time, as well as shots of race bibs bearing her number falling into the frame.

We dare you to watch this 60 seconds of awesomeness and not be inspired to lace up those kicks and hit the pavement for at least a mile or two.

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