20-Minute Pilates Butt Workout for Stronger Glutes + MORE

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This Anti-Aging Serum Was Developed by Harvard Scientists—and I'm Obsessed With It

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One of the many reasons why I love working in beauty? In addition to being fun and ever-evolving, the industry is backed by science. Every day, there's a new discovery that's more high-tech than the last. Case in point: This brand new, supercharged anti-aging serum.

I was already a fan of Caudalie and regularly use their Vine Activ and Premier Cru lines, so when I heard that their newest serum being developed by Harvard scientists, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Finally available now, Caudalie's Premier Cru The Serum ($150; sephora.com or caudalie.com) has been in the works for five years at Harvard Medical School and boasts a unique patented complex.

The Caudalie brand was built on the tremendous benefits that resveratrol can have when applied topically. Found in the vines of grapes, the powerful ingredient protects the fruit from harsh weather—and on skin, it promotes the production of collagen and elastin for a firming and plumping effect. Paired with the plant extract betaine, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, this powerful duo helps rev up cells, making them more receptive to anti-aging formulas. Translation: Your anti-aging products might work even better when layered on top.

I had previously been using an oil serum that came out of a dropper, so right off the bat, I found Premier Cru The Serum a little bit easier to apply, thanks to its pump dispenser. The consistency is creamy, but less so than a traditional moisturizer. I use two pumps, but could probably get away with one in order to preserve every last drop. It glides on smoothly and my lackluster winter skin drinks it right up, leaving behind a healthy glow that screams "I drank the recommended eight glasses of water" even when I've been sipping on the same glass all day.

After using the serum for about a week, the radiance was noticeable. Long after I applied the formula, I could tell my skin was softer and less parched. Though I follow it with a cream moisturizer, I think on some days—when it's not frigid outside, for example—the serum could be enough by itself. Also good: The formula plays well with makeup, which is a must for me.

As a bonus, I've received tons of compliments, so I'll definitely continue using this powerful formula. Here's hoping my pesky crow's feet and expression lines remain smooth and plumped-up, and my complexion continues to glow!

How to Survive Weekends When You're Doing Dry January

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Dry January has become a global trend. And we get why: After weeks of stress, parties, rich food, and (for many of us anyway) too much to drink, we all have an urge to hit some sort of reset button. There are health benefits to giving up alcohol too, even for social drinkers—no more empty calories from booze is a big one.

If you're on the Dry January bandwagon this year, then you already know it can be a challenge. But the real test starts now, as the weekend arrives, and with it office happy hours, a wine list at dinner, Sunday brunch, and other factors you don't typical encounter during the workweek. These expert tips will help you ride out the next four weekends and make your Dry January a success.

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Stick to your usual social plans

Just because you're giving up drinking doesn't mean you have to stay home while your social circle is downing shots at a dance club or sampling the vino at a new bistro. In fact, not showing up might just give you a case of FOMO, which could cause you to lose your resolve later in the month.

Instead, “do the same things you would usually do with your friends and loved ones, but just do them without drinking," suggests Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RDN, author of Drinking to Distraction. You may even notice that after 10 o’clock, your friends get boring or stupid, and you'll likely be glad you're not the one who will waste three-quarters of the next day sleeping off a hangover or regretting a drunk dial.

Detox your social media feeds

Everyone has that one friend (or five) who constantly posts pics of herself at parties with a drink in her hand, looking like she's having a blast. Don’t torture yourself! Unfollow your harder-drinking buddies for the month, so you don’t start to feel deprived every time you go on Instagram.

Stock up on alcohol-free stand-ins

Sometimes it’s the rituals around drinking—the pop of a cork, the glug-glug sound of booze pouring into a glass—that we crave even more than the taste or effects of the alcohol itself, says Hollenstein. Think about what you like most about about your go-to drink and give yourself nonalcoholic options to indulge in instead. La Croix can stand in for hard cider, a bottled kombucha could fill in for your favorite yeasty beer, and some fancy juices now come in corked bottles.

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Play around with mocktails

Most bartenders can make beautiful alcohol-free versions of any drink on their fancy menu. Don’t want to drop $10 on a nonalcoholic drink? Oder a Coke, but ask the bartender to tart it up with a lime wedge, vanilla syrup, or a sugared rim and umbrella. If you're hosting friends or otherwise staying in, whip up these yummy mocktails, and thank us later…

20-Minute Pilates Butt Workout for Stronger Glutes

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This article originally appeared on DailyBurn.com.

When you think of Pilates workouts, it’s all about the core — from your lower abs to the transverse abdominis to your obliques. But what you may not realize is that your core also includes your hips and glutes.

“In Pilates, we refer to your powerhouse, and that actually includes your hips, glutes and pelvic floor,” says Andrea Speir, lead instructor for the Daily Burn Pilates Phase 1 and 2 programs. “Since the core and glutes are a connected part of the powerhouse of your body, by engaging your core, you’re halfway there.”

All About That Base: Pilates for Your Backside

What makes Pilates a great workout for a rock solid booty is it targets not only your glutes, but also the muscles that support your hips, like your hamstrings, quads and outer and inner thighs. “The glute medius, for example, wraps around the hips and connects under the body. This helps support the lower back, which is usually pretty weak in people,” Speir says. “Hamstrings are also targeted, and these are the base that the glutes rest on, so having that strong lift will help hold everything up properly,” she adds.

Even better, the different ranges of motion and subtle postural changes in Pilates workouts help engage all muscle groups without adding external weight. “Small movements in Pilates are challenging because they focus on form and control. They get smaller muscles to work harder than they might if the bigger muscles have the chance to take over,” Speir explains.

Keep reading for Speir’s five favorite Pilates butt exercises — and how to put them all together.

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5 Butt Exercises for a Booty-Sculpting Pilates Workout

Hate squats? You’re in luck! This Pilates workout from Speir includes variations of leg lifts to deliver booty-boosting benefits to your thighs, outer hips and glutes. “By working with your own bodyweight, you’re able to lengthen and strengthen safely,” Speir says. Watch carefully, then do 12-15 reps of each exercise for two sets.

GIFs: Daily Burn Pilates

1. Lying Butt Kicks

This exercise might look easy, but if you imagine you’re moving your foot through something sticky and thick, you’ll be able to activate your glutes and hamstrings. “Think about active energy between your inner thighs, like you’re hugging an imaginary ball. Finally, activate your booty. That means go ahead and squeeze those muscles to engage them,” Speir says.

How to: Lying on your stomach, lift your torso off the floor and press your tailbone down, keeping your butt and abdominals firm. Make sure your shoulder blades are also down and your forearms parallel to each other on the mat (a). Pointing your toes, kick your right foot towards your butt for two counts, then alternate with your left foot (b)…

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