Best No-Chip Wedding Day Nail Polish: Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel + MORE

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Best No-Chip Wedding Day Nail Polish: Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel


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You know how annoyed you feel when you spot a chip in your manicure? Do you really want to feel that way on your wedding day? We didn’t think so. That’s why Sally Hansen’s game-changing Miracle Gel nail system won our award. Unlike other at-home gel-like systems on the market, you don’t need a bulky light device or curing gadget to set these formulas. You don’t even need the traditional base, color and topcoat. This is a simple, two-step system that delivers up to 14 days of seamless wear.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

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The first step is to apply the color coat; let it set and then add another layer. Wait a few minutes for it to dry then apply your topcoat. Once it’s dry, you’re good to go.

So how does it work? Particles in the formulas react with natural light to harden and produce a shiny, long-wear finish that rivals the weeks-long payoff you get from in-salon gel services. An even bigger bonus: You don’t need to bathe your fingers in wads of acetone-soaked cotton to remove the gels. They come right off with just a few swipes of nail polish remover.

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The line includes over 70 shades, so you can match your nails to the pink roses in your bouquet, or to the soft ivory tulle of your gown.

Asos Is Featuring Swimsuit Models With Stretch Marks and Acne Scars


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Asos just earned themselves some new fans with these body-positive swimsuit models. The online retailer is garnering some major praise online by featuring models with stretch marks, acne scars, and birthmarks on their website.

Unlike most swimsuit campaigns, the retailer refused to retouch the photos, and results are seriously stunning. How good is this model making that cut-out one-piece suit look? She’s gorgeous, flyaways and all.






In a world where bikini photos are often highly retouched, it’s refreshing as hell to see these girls rocking their natural beauty in a swimsuit.

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Asos, keep up the good work.

What the Heck Are Hip Dips? The Facts Behind the Body Part That's Driving a Social Media Craze


Have you noticed this new trend on your news feed recently? Instagrammers are posting photos of their "hip dips," the slight inward curve just below each hip bone. Instead of bashing this part of their anatomy, these real women are embracing it the way body-positive bloggers and many celebs also celebrate their cellulite, stretch marks, bulges, and other so-called physical flaws.

"In recent years, proportionate hour glass bodies have been glamorized in the media heavily," wrote one Instagrammer, jenneydoll. But I have realized that I will never have a perfect hour-glass shape because I have very prominent hip dips (even though I do carry more fat in my lower body). "There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but it is one of those things I don't absolutely love about my body."


Before hip dip photos took over social media, many of us here at Health had no clue what they were. (Something to do with plank hip dips, maybe?) To get the facts on this body area, we spoke to Gerardo Miranda-Comas, MD, an assistant professor of rehabilitation medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

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He set the record straight on what hip dips are and why not everyone has them. "It's not a body abnormality; it's actually a common part of your anatomy," explains Dr. Miranda. Whether or not you have hip dips largely depends on the way your great trochanter, aka, the protrusion at the upper part of your femur, connects to your pelvis, he says.

Many women are paying tribute to their hip dips—but what if you'd rather get rid of them? That's unlikely, says Dr. Miranda, because they are a permanent part of your physiology. However, working out the gluteus medius, one of your main pelvic muscles, could lessen their appearance. Dr. Miranda recommends doing clamshells, hip abductions, and squats with elastic bands to tone this muscle. "Core exercises work well too because the gluteus medius is a component of the core," he adds.

So if your body curves in a bit under your hip bones, don't be alarmed. It's perfectly natural, and there's not much you can do about it. Rather than killing yourself with lower-body exercises to make them less noticeable, we think you're better off forgetting about them—or taking a cue from the hip dip Instagrammers by showing them some love.

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Best No-Chip Wedding Day Nail Polish: Sally Hansen’s Miracle
Asos Is Featuring Swimsuit Models With Stretch Marks and Acne
What the Heck Are Hip Dips? The Facts Behind the Body Part That's Driving a Social Media

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