The Finest Art in Solving Thinning Hair

The Finest Art in Solving Thinning Hair


In the art of increasing hair volume the most important factors are maintaining the health of your scalp and existing hair.  Secondly is seamlessly feeding additional hair in-between your existing hairs and or on to your scalp.  Thirdly is adding hair in a way which you feel nothing there at all as if it’s nothing but just your own hair.  That’s pure naturalness at its best.
The problem and the known fact with each and every non-surgical method is that by adding additional hair you have to sacrifice losing some of your own existing hair within the process.  This pertains to hair replacement methods and hair extension methods also, yet millions of people take the sacrifice due to the need and love of having more hair than they present possess.
Solutions for growing hair are also very encouraging for many because it’s the most natural direction to take first, but the problem with any growing solution or programs is that at its best only a very small amount of hair grows and only to a short hair length of so.  Nevertheless any growth is better than no growth and that is why some growth solutions and or programs are worth trying.  To maximize your results any growth solution or program must maintain a dedication of consistency, without this dedication of consistence you will short change the best result possible.
Every individual receives different results; some getting no growth at all yet others achieve strengthening their existing hair at best and still others achieving a small about of growth.   For people in the beginning experiences of hair loss trying growing solutions and or programs is a common first step to try.   If you receive results that are satisfying then you must maintain consistency or any gain of hair will revert back to the original loss.
Concealers, better known as darkening powders work well for hiding the degree of thinness.  These powders must be applied daily and will drip and fade away when getting wet yet they do work for canceling  thinness.  For the health of your existing hair and scalp it’s best daily to use a clarifying shampoo for washing out darkening powders.  Clarifying shampoos are deeper cleaning shampoos that are best for removing buildup on the hair and scalp.  Although these darkening powders work they do clog the scalp from breathing properly, that’s why it best to cleans them off as often as possible and even sometimes taking a break from applying these darkening powders.
Hair transplants sometimes known also as implants are very effective and the technology today is impeccable. Hair transplants are surgical procedures of removing hair from one area of your head, known as the donor area, and transplanting the hairs to a needed area of the head.  Surgical transplants are very effective and a viable solution for begging stages of hair loss and or small areas of hair loss.  Reason being is based on the amount of donor area mathematically to be distributed to the needed thinning or balding areas…

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What is purely natural when it comes to increasing hair volume?

The answer is “Nothing”.  The feeling of nothing but only your own hair.  The ability of running your fingers directly down to your scalp and feeling nothing.  When you feel nothing but your own hair and scalp you experience what pure naturalness really is.  The ability to do anything in lif.... More »

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The Finest Art in Solving Thinning

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