4 Calorie-Torching Leg and Butt Exercises + MORE

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4 Calorie-Torching Leg and Butt Exercises

– health.com

Get ready to break out those short-shorts! These plyometric moves from Nora Tobin are sure to slim down your legs and butt. Watch this video to learn how to do this high-powered, lower body workout.

Sophia Bush Seizes the Day

– health.com

Sophia Bush was born an old soul. “I was a tiny adult,” she says of her childhood in Los Angeles (her mom and dad were both in the photography business). “I always wanted to save the world. My parents thought it was sweet and that I’d outgrow it—and I never did!”Now the actress and activist, 33, is saving it in all sorts of ways. This month, she’s back for a third season as crime-solving detective Erin Lindsay on the NBC drama Chicago P.D. Off camera, she works with organizations like Pencils of Promise to help children gain access to education, and I Am That Girl, which builds support networks for girls. And she recently partnered with I Smell Great, a beauty line that creates fragrances aimed at inspiring female confidence and uses new technology that makes her “little nerd-heart get excited.”She is also a longtime believer in the impact that healthy habits can have on your life—not just physically but emotionally, too. Over green tea, she opens up to Health about the morning routine that has had a profound effect on her life and shares how anyone can learn to live in the moment.What is different about you now compared with when you were a kid?I don’t think I just trust every single person anymore. I’m really coming into myself. There’s something about 33. You know, it’s one of those sort of sacred years. Thirty was amazing. And 33 is really only getting better. I feel much more rooted. I’ve learned how to listen to my intuition. My heart still feels open and I’m still madly in love with the world, but I understand very quickly how to read a person’s energy and how to better protect my own.RELATED: 10 Secrets of People Who Age GracefullyHow do you keep your intuition strong?I’ve gotten better at slowing down and sticking to my meditation practice. A lot of us seem to be on the same track: We crush it at work and we crush it with our physical health, but we haven’t been attending to that mind-body connection—and that’s the sweet spot. So I’m getting up at 7:30 a.m., I’m meditating for 20 minutes and then I’m going for a two-mile run. It’s only been a couple of weeks, and I feel so different. And I’m not a morning person! My theme of this year is “narrow and deep.” Less stuff, more depth. You just have to try to actively change your habits for one week: Get up 30 minutes earlier. Download the Headspace app and do a 10-minute meditation every day. It’s great.Your Chicago P.D. character, Erin, is a fan favorite because of how badass she is. Was she always that way?I’m never going to pick a role that is a person who I wouldn’t want to hang out with. I want to hang out with an interesting, layered, multifaceted woman who is unapologetic about her strength and her vulnerability.Are you that type of person in real life?Totally. I mean, I’m gushy. But I jump out of airplanes for fun and like to race cars and own three giant pit bulls. So I’m practicing allowing for my femininity more. One of my friends challenged me: “Let the man who offers to put your bag in the overhead on the plane put your bag in the overhead…

4 Bedtime Habits to Avoid

– www.health.com

Trouble falling asleep? Your before-bed habits may be contributing to your insomnia. Here are four sneaky sleep saboteurs that you should avoid around bedtime if you want a good night’s rest.

Fresh Box

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4 Calorie-Torching Leg and Butt Exerciseshealth.com
Sophia Bush Seizes the Dayhealth.com
4 Bedtime Habits to Avoidwww.health.com

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