Surgeon Will Pay $3,000 Fine for Removing Kidney He Mistakenly Thought Was a Tumor + MORE

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This Woman Woke Up With a Rare Condition That Makes Her Unable to Hear Men’s Voices


Admit it: You've occasionally (or more than occasionally) wished you could hit mute on the men in your life. That wish recently came true for a woman in China, but it didn't quite happen the way it does in our dreams. She was diagnosed with a type of hearing loss that left her unable to understand low-pitched sounds, a.k.a. male voices. 

According to the Daily Mail, a Chinese woman only identified by her last name, Chen, woke up one morning unable to hear her boyfriend's voice. Chen was also up vomiting the night before and started to notice a ringing in her ear then, so she knew something serious was going on. 

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She went to Qianpu Hospital, where an ear, nose, and throat specialist Lin Xiaoqing diagnosed her with a rare form of low-frequency hearing damage called reverse-slope hearing loss (RSHL), which prevents people from hearing low-frequency sounds. 

Chen, who lives in southeastern China, is one of very few people to develop the condition. The Thigpen Hearing Center, an audiology clinic in Tennessee, states that RHSL affects only about 3,000 people in the United States and Canada. In other words, for every 12,000 cases of hearing loss, only one person has RSHL.

People with RHSL typically have no problem hearing high-frequency sounds, like voices of women and children, but they struggle to hear low-frequency noises, like vehicles, thunder, and voices over the phone.

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Dr. Xiaoqing reported Chen could hear her voice perfectly fine during the appointment, but she couldn't understand the voice of a male patient who was also at the hospital. 

Many things can cause RHSL, including genetic abnormalities and certain diseases and infections. A change in the pressure of the fluid in the inner ear has also been known to be a trigger. Dr. Xiaoqing believes Chen developed the condition because of stress and a severe lack of sleep. Thankfully, Chen is expected to make a full recovery after treatment. 

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Surgeon Will Pay $3,000 Fine for Removing Kidney He Mistakenly Thought Was a Tumor


A Florida surgeon has agreed to pay a $3,000 fine, as well as perform hours of continued medical training, after removing a woman’s kidney during what was intended to be back surgery.

According to court records, Maureen Pacheco, who checked into Florida’s Wellington Regional Medical Center in April 2016 to have a few vertebra in her lower back fused together, was not consulted about the change of plans, the Washington Post reported.

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However, during the back procedure, surgeon Ramon Vazquez mistook her kidney for a cancerous tumor in Pacheco’s pelvis and cut it out, according to the Palm Beach Post, citing a lawsuit that had been settled in September.

A pathologist at the hospital confirmed that the tumor was actually a pelvic kidney, the Palm Beach Post reported. Pelvic kidneys refer to organs that failed “to ascend to their normal position above the waist” during fetal development, ” according to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

In addition to the $3,000 fine, Vasquez has also agreed to complete 3 hours of continuing medical edition in how to evaluate pre-operative spinal surgical patients, as well as five hours of risk management training, according to a court documents filed by the Florida Board of Medicine on Dec. 27.

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Vasquez has also agreed to perform a one-hour lecture regarding wrong-site surgery “to the entire medical staff of the hospital” where he maintains staff privileges, according to the documents.

Additionally the surgeon will pay the $4,817.90 in costs the Florida Department of Health incurred while investigating and prosecuting the case.

Prior to reaching the final agreement, the Florida Board of Medicine initially rejected a settlement that carried only a $1,500 fine, according to the Palm Beach Post.

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In a statement, the surgeon’s attorney, Michael Burt told the Palm Beach Post, “Dr. Vazquez is an excellent surgeon who has been providing exemplary, often life-saving services in our community for many years. In this instance he, in collaboration with other members of the surgical team, exercised professional judgement.”

Vazquez’s attorney also told the outlet that the lawsuit “was settled on his behalf for a nominal amount,” adding that his client did not “admit liability by agreeing to this settlement.”

According to a health complaint filed by the Florida Health Department in December, the “unauthorized procedure” was “medically unnecessary” as it was “unrelated” to the lumbar fusion Pacheco was scheduled to receive that day…

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This Woman Woke Up With a Rare Condition That Makes Her Unable to Hear Men’s
Surgeon Will Pay $3,000 Fine for Removing Kidney He Mistakenly Thought Was a

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