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Beauty and health are wonderful areas to dedicate one’s life. We have seen the simple addition of hair with Invisablend’s hair extensions and treatments cause an immediate increase in our client’s confidence and life enjoyment. We encourage you to do the little things that make you feel good and give you confidence. It will have a dynamic effect on your quality of life.

These Are the Beauty Products January Jones Uses Every Single Day


If you're one of actress January Jones' nearly 600,000 Instagram followers, you know that she's quite candid. So when the Last Man on Earth actress posted two images of her favorite skin and haircare products with the hashtags #notanad and #theseareproductsiuseeveryday, we were excited to be getting her honest product recommendations.

Jones explains that these products are her go-tos for summer: "It’s summer!! Here are my fav skincare and hair care products for this time of year!" she writes. "I tried to put them in order of use."

First up: iS Clinical Super Serum Advance Plus ($148;, which is laced with anti-aging superstars vitamin C, a copper tripeptide growth factor, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids. It can be used on any skin type and helps with hyperpigmentation, acne, and free-radical damage. She follows this serum with another iS product, the brand's Hydra-Cool Serum ($90;, a great pick for those who suffer from redness or irritation, since the formula taps soothing centella asiatica to calm skin. Adding another serum into the mix, Jones includes Dr. Nigma Talib Hydrating and Plumping Serum No1 ($185;, which helps to plump up skin.

No skincare regimen would be complete without sunscreen. Jones' fave: Control Corrective Oil-Free Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 ($48; This is a hydrating moisturizer paired with micro-fine zinc to provide UVA and UVB protection. For a faux golden glow, she opts for Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil ($100; Jones' luxe taste continues with Sisley Floral Toning Lotion ($103;; made from botanical extracts, the toning lotion is alcohol-free and safe for use on sensitive skin types.

The next products seem to be for her nighttime routine. A favorite among the celeb set is aesthetician Shani Darden's line, and Jones includes yet another serum, the brand's Texture Reform Gentle Resurfacing Serum ($95; to help smooth fine lines. Ringing in at a cool $795 is Jones' next product pick: Sisley Supremÿa at Night Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care ( While you might expect it to be laced with diamonds, it's actually a powerful combination of plant-based active ingredients that hike up the price. The final product pictured is Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher ($95;, which offers the benefits of both mechanical and chemical exfoliation—you can feel the grittiness of its lava powder sloughing away dead skin, but it also contains fruit extracts and lactobionic acid to stimulate cell turnover.

Next up: Jones' favorite hair products. To keep her strands bright blonde, she uses Philip B Icelandic Blonde Shampoo ($44; It packs natural plum extracts, botanicals, and grapeseed oil to neutralize brassiness and illuminate highlights…

Busy Philipps Just Revealed Exactly What She Keeps in Her 'Face Mask Drawer'


If, like me, you are a dedicated viewer of Busy Philipps' Instagram Stories, you've probably spotted the actress and current Health cover star share sheet mask selfies with her followers. But Philipps doesn't always reveal the brand of the mask she's wearing, so I was pretty excited when Philipps—who is taking over Health's Instagram account today—posted a video to our feed showcasing her impressive personal face mask stash.

"I love masking, and I have a whole drawer of masks, don't judge me," Philipps says in the video. "But I'm going to show it to you and show you some of my faves."

Want to channel Busy with your own face mask drawer? Here are the nine products she mentions in the video, plus where to buy them.

• "I love the Origins sheet masks. I love this Plantscription one [$42 for 6;], but then I also love their Original Skin clay mask [$27;] when I have time for that."

• "I love the Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant [available for preorder;], which is brown and smells kind of funny, so just keep that in mind."

• "Dr. Jart is one of my favorites. Soothing Hydra [$6;] and Vital Hydra  [$6;] are my two favorites."

• "I love the Charlotte Tilbury Dry Mask [$22;], which is a little bit different 'cause it's dry."

• "I found this store in New York that had a ton of Korean masks that I haven't tried yet, so I'll try those." Pictured: Mediheal Foot Mask ($15 for 5;, Jayjun Multi-Vita Tone Up Mask ($20 for 10; and Papa Recipe Bombee Whitening Honey Mask ($26 for 10;

The Surprisingly Easy Trick That Can Help You Use Your Phone a Little Bit Less


The first thing I do in the mornings is look at my phone. That’s mainly because my phone is my alarm clock, but once my eyes are open and that screen is lit up in my hands, it’s an awfully short trip to checking emails and perusing headlines. There’s no reason for me to be doing this. My emails that early in the morning are mainly junk, and the headlines won’t change much before I’ve brushed my teeth and poured a cup of coffee, right?

My wife says I’m addicted to my phone. I disagree, but I can definitely stand to spend less time looking at it. I’m not terribly active on social media, but I do enjoy me some idle scrolling. And, wow, do these tech companies know how to keep those thumbs constantly swiping up. We’ve got a toddler, and while I think we’re pretty good about limiting her screen time, it would seem that technology has had its hooks in me from the start. So, I decided to try loosening my phone’s grasp on my attention by switching the screen to black and white.

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Changing the display to black and white is very easy. In your iPhone’s settings, choose General, then Accessibility. Next choose Display Accommodations, then Color Filters. Tap the toggle on and a list of filters appears. Choose Grayscale and you’re all set.

But no one wants to go through all this every time they want to turn color back on to check out an Instagram story. Clearly, you’re not going to always want your screen to be black and white—after all, there will inevitably be photos to view and videos to share—which is what makes setting a shortcut integral. In the Accessibility menu, tap Accessibility Shortcut and choose Color Filters. Now, pressing the home button three times will toggle your display to color, then back with another three.

It seems counterintuitive, with screens boasting higher resolutions than ever, to actively negate one of your device’s primary selling points, but when you consider the subtle neurological factors at play, it’s a small—and easy—price to pay. Technology companies are aggressively competing for our attention. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings famously told Fast Company that his company’s biggest competitor was sleep (“And we’re winning!” he added). Think about that next time Netflix autoplays the next episode of your binge.

The Center for Humane Technology, founded by Tristan Harris, who previously served as Google’s in-house design ethicist, points out a number of more subtle tactics that tech companies use to keep you coming back to your phone. “Notifications appear in RED dots because red is a trigger color that instantly draws our attention,” according to its website. The Center argues that with just a few simple changes to your phone’s settings you can take back a portion of your time…

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